Bishoujo Wonder Woman

Hello everyone! This will be my first blogpost so let’s kick things off with a review! Since I laid my eyes on the Wonderwoman Bishoujo, I have totally fallen in love with it and when someone at a local forum was selling it for cheap, around 3300yen ($50SGD), I couldn’t resist and bought this baby back. For those uninitiated (explanation from

“The Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collection features well known heroines and femme fatales from Marvel and DC comics such as Wonder Woman, Emma Frost, Black Widow, Rogue, Phoenix and the Scarlet Witch.

These collectable figures are both gorgeous, colourful recreations of these iconic women and actually affordable – although not always obtainable, as they are imported from Japan.

Made from high quality PVC plastic, they stand between 7 and 9 inches tall (1/7 or 1/8 scale). The highest price range sfrom $30-70 (while the list price is usually $59.99, you can usually buy them for less from Amazon).”

So without further ado, here is a photo review of the Amazonian Princess!

This is the boxart on the left and it’sYamashita’s art of Wondy. Kotobukiya will use this as a base and sculpt the figurine up. Compare it to the figurine itself.

The art got translated pretty well to figurine form in my opinion. Kotobukiya took the liberty of adding in an indent for her bellybutton at her belt which makes it kind of strange but still overall, it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

The back and frontal views. First of all the pose. It’s a very simple stance but one that oozes strength and confidence which is well-befitting the Amazonian. The sculpt brings out her muscular definition but  the comics, she is not that built and the sculpt is soft enough for her to still look feminine yet powerful at the same time. She also has really nice proportions with a large bust and solid looking thighs. The arms and waist look thin in comparison with her legs but it’s going for the Bishoujo style and everything balances out in the end so I’m fine with it. The paint used for her boot and *bra* is some sort of a deep metallic red which came out glossy and contrasts nicely with her pale skin.

For me, the highlight of any figurine would be the face and Wondy here would be aces! In the original Shunya art, she had a more girly look with blushes at her cheek area and a more doe-eyed feel. What translated to the figurine however was a deep stare with sexy half-parted lips. It is a fantastic transition from 2D to 3D and I’m hugely pleased with the result. Her star at the top of the tiara seems slightly splotchy and the gold could be brighter but for what its worth, that would be nitpicking on an already awesome figurine. The hair has a tremendous sense of motion with the swaying in the wind feel and on the lone strand hanging down you can see that it was done with clear plastic, as with majority of the bishoujos.

What really hit me during this photoshoot was that Wondy’s expression changes depending on the angle you take the photo! On the left we have a softer, serene expression while on the right, she has sort of a glaring, firm glance. That’s really quite cool and depending on how you view her, you have different mood going on there! Spectacular! And look at the collarbones to the shoulders, the sculpt there is done real well and it looks crazy sexy!

For accessories, Diana does have quite a number of them. She comes screwed unto the base and it comes with a cape thrown on the floor with a nicely detailed shield thrown on the top. At the back of the shield plugs in 3 spears which are slanted at different angles. A helmet is also given as well which for some reason I did not include in the photo shoot. The golden lasso plugs snugly into both her hands and gives the figurine more oomph.


Well is this a figure worth having? Unabashedly yes. The figure has a great sculpt with a splendid paint job to go with it and has enough accessories for the base to make it an interesting display. If you are a fan of beautiful figures or someone new to collecting figurines, it would make it a worthwhile purchase to add this to your collection. My only complaints would be the strange bellybutton indent and also perhaps if the gold paint used was a stronger brighter gold it would make it pop more. Those however are minor complaints and overall, I’m SUPER pleased with what I got. Now I got my eyes on the Bishoujo Batgirl!

Is this a figure worth paying through your nose for? I would say perhaps but as far as I know the prices for Bishoujos are pretty constant and not crazy inflated like S.H Figuarts or Nendoroids so you can probably snag it for a decent price. As of this writing, Ami Ami has her on backorder so if one is patient one can probably get it. That will be the end of this review and thanks for reading!



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