Review: Nendoroid Megurine Luka

After Miku and Rin, it got to be Luka for the Nendoroid review. I didn’t get Luka as I didn’t like her as a Nendoroid and don’t think she is cute. For the review however, I borrowed her from my cousin and will doing a review change my mind on Luka? Well anyways here is Luka outta the box.

Luka comes with 3 faceplates and Tako Luka.

Luka also comes with 3 different arms, straight sticking out arms 2, and 1 bent arm and leg. You can see the 03 printed on her left arm there, its a nice detail that’s well done.Another cool thing is that arms can rotate after the sleeves. So even though you get 3 extra arms, there are a ton of possibilities you can pose Luka.

The front and back shot of Luka. Luka has gold trimming on her costume, wrist and boots. It’s more of a bronze gold than starbright gold and it’s more of a creative touch on GSC’s part as certain illustrations Luka seems to be wearing light coloured boots which have are different in tone from her costume. Her hair is shaded and similar to Miku and Rin, a lock of her hair is moveable. This is to allow Luka to raise her arm forward without her hair blocking the way.

Similar to Rin, Luka doesn’t have removable headphones ala Miku but it’s nice to know that GSC improved on its design and unlike Rin, Luka can utilise faces from other Nendoroids because her headphones do NOT get in the way! Cheers to that! Luka’s costume has a slight gloss to it and I suppose its due to the rubbery plastic it was made from. In my opinion it looks cheap and I would prefer it to be matt black befitting a sexy and adult Luka. =3

A closer look at the paintwork on Luka’s belt and boots. The paint is neat and the design is similar to both Miku and Rin.

A major turn off when I started fiddling around with Luka would be the base. The base is terrible, horrible. It’s just a groove on the stand and Luka’s skirt just slide into it. So in essence, Luka is just standing balanced with a holding piece at the back. And that piece is very loose in holding Luka. It’s also a bad idea to put the holding piece so low down since Nendoroids are really top heavy..

See what happens when you put Luka on? Granted its the extreme case scenario but honestly this is what will happen when you move Luka around and put her in poses. With a base like that all you want to do is get Luka in a fixed pose, and leave her like that, period. Shame really because so far Luka is a really fun nendoroid and easy to pose.

However for all the negativity of the base, Tako Luka is a major positive. Tako Luka is actually a Nendoroid Petit!

You can remove Tako Luka’s fringe and switch the face with any other Nendoroid Petits and even pop Tako Luka on to any Nendoroid Petit’s body. Tako Luka’s 2 front arms are also moveable and that seriously just adds so much more value to the Nendoroid.

You can do “I choose you Tako Luka” kind of poses.


Well is it worth getting Luka? If you’re a Vocaloid fan and aiming to complete the set, it’s a no brainer. However if you’re a casual collector and just looking for something cute, I would heartily recommend her. Before going into the review, I did not think much of Luka as she looks rather plain and not as cute as Miku or Rin. After doing the review, my opinions are completely switched and I think for playability, Luka tops both Rin and Miku. Her pose-able arms combined with Tako Luka makes for a lethal combination of fun that Miku or Rin did not possess.

Not to mention, Luka have this winning tearing/alien/lost face that is aces in my book. I’m a sucker for Nendoroids with exaggerated features and Luka also have that following the 2 of them. However as much fun as Luka brings, her base really kills a lot of the joy with the poor design and the lack of balance it provides Luka with. In a nutshell, get Luka if you want to complete the Vocaloids or if you’re looking for fun in your Nendoroid, if you’re looking for cuteness and display value, Rin or Miku would suit your tastes more as their colours are brighter and stand out more compared to Luka’s muted palate of gold and black.

All in all, it’s nice to do a review that changes your opinion of a product, does this make me want to have my own Luka Nendoroid? Perhaps. But does it make me reluctant to return this to my friend? You betcha! As always, thanks!




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