Review: Hatsune Miku Lat Ver.

hello all, now back for another figurine review! Today I will be taking a look at Hatsune Miku Lat Ver. 1/8 scale by Good Smile Company. Also know as Lat Type Miku is the popular 3D CG model created by Lat for the ‘Miku Miku Dance’ program. When I saw it on Mikatan, I knew I got to have it, Miku is already silly adorable, but Miku with red-rimmed glasses? Oh no wallet! Yes I have been suckered into the Miku abyss. =3  Anyways, here’s the view of the box front and back.

The box is done in a teal and white tones befitting Lat Miku’s colour scheme. The red rims at the front is some sort of metallic red while the back shows Miku with and without spectacles.

Miku still in the packaging. As befitting Japanese products, they come with packaging from everything. In this instance, both pigtails, the skirt and the figure are enclosed in plastic held by a twist-tie on the side. Lat Miku comes with 2 bases, 2 microphones, 2 clear rod things for foot support and 2 bases. 1 of the base is the special Lat-type base while the other is to co-ordinate with the already re-released 1/8 Hatsune Miku. The bent in pair of spectacles is for the figurine while the flat one can supposedly be used for Nendoroid Petits. Not that many accessories, but with a figurine so cute, what else do you need?

Miku outta the box. She has a very cheerful vibe going with her. You have to smile as you look at how sweet and adorable she is. (I will probably overuse the word Adorable in this review)

The front and back view of Miku. There is shading done for the shirt and the motion for the hair is sculpted in a waving manner. I always preferred figurines with dynamic movements to those that only stand and Miku although upright, is convincing enough to make you imagine she’s is halfway through her song.

The side views. From the side its especially obvious how high her skirt rides up. You can obviously see the pantsu in their full glory over there. More on that later. =3

As with all anime products I get and especially figurines, the face is really critical. It’s a make or break thing and if the face suffers, so does the entire figure. Miku here is giving a a really happy vibe, she’s singing and she’s glad you’re listening kinda vibe. There’s some slight blushing on her cheeks and her eyes are done matching her hair. All in all, a very natural look, as natural as a 2D teal-haired diva would look made into 3D. As I begin looking over the figurine, there are all sorts of little surprises and details that you will miss with a casual glance.

First of are the hair clips for her hair. It’s done in clear purple, which adds to the beauty of this figurine.

The headphones have the R and L to depict left and right. And there are 2 colour schemes for headphones as well, black and brown.

There are also tiny wordings printed on Miku’s arm and collar. Both says Hatsune Miku and its how crisp they are that makes it impressive. I mean GSC could have skipped the collar printing and gotten away with it but no, they had to put that in so yeah, it’s cool.

A closer look at the skirt and belt. On the skirt, there is a tiny ‘DX’ wording. Yay for tiny details!

The boots are done in a glossy black and it’s sculpted in an inviting manner. Zettai ryouiki anyone?

The hair. It has 2 layers each if I’m not mistaken about it. The sculpt gives it sense of motion and although I have heard complaints about the colour looking too plasticky and cheap, I am personally fine with it. I might be biased though. =/

Last look at Miku without Mic.

Now Miku looks like she is singing! Makes more sense visually then the previous pictures. Alright then, time for the reason of this purchase, RED glasses! 赤い眼鏡!

To do that, just pop off the fringe and slide the glasses into the grooves at the side of the head. When done…

Lat Miku is born! ADORABLE!

The red glasses give a whole new dimension to Miku. It’s a refreshing change from the slew of Miku products I’ve become accustomed to and look how HAPPY she looks! =0 Other than the glasses, you can also take off her skirt! For whatever reason you would choose to display her like that, just gently remove her body from her legs and slide off the skirt.

Now you have a skirt-less Lat Miku, still as cheery as before she was stripped. It’s worth nothing that even though you normally won’t see this part of Miku, GSC sculpted the bellybutton and the butt and also did shading for the skin. It’s like they expected you to look at a skirt-less Miku and consider displaying her like that. Hmm…

All things being said, I felt it a waste to just take photos of Miku against a plain white background so I brought her downstairs and injected some colours into the pictures.


As expected, GSC’s products have that attention to quality that we all have come to expect of them. This is officially my first ever GSC figurine that I have owned and I have to say, job well done! There are little details all over the place, the paint is nicely done and the contrast of the glossy black versus the white shirt is pleasant yet simple. The motion of Miku is captured believably and the face was really well done. Plus 赤い眼鏡 is poison enough for me. Should you get it? In my opinion a BIG yes. It’s costs just 4000yen at Ami Ami which is really a decent price for a figurine considering some Figmas/Nendoroids cost the same. The quality is really nice and it’s unique enough to stand on its own in your display. The feet plugs into the base securely and I don’t fear leaning since the hair counterbalances Miku. It’s not that large a figurine but the hair takes up a whole lot of room so if you’re strapped for space, it might not be that ideal. However, if you’re already sick of the amount of Hatsune Miku all over the place, feel free to skip it but if that’s the case, why are you reading this?

This is my longest review so far and that’s because I had so much fun snapping Miku and blogging about it. It might not be the most exceptional figurine out there but it’s fun condensed in an 1/8 packet that appeals so much to me. As always, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Review: Hatsune Miku Lat Ver.

  1. She such a cute alternative in terms of style for Miku. I love the addition of the megame I guess thats the cute factor for this figure.

    Also great outdoor picture! the scenery is beautiful which blends with the figure!

  2. Bestest, cutest, most adorable Miku ever!!!

    I’m not a miku fan and pass on her figures, always wondered why people go all crazy about them.

    This one though, I can’t get enough, that face, those glasses, that pose it’s all so nice. Plus more importantly, this is one of the few Miku figures that properly has miku wearing her trade marked shimapan.

    • Ahahah true that! I keep telling myself hey you have enough Miku and normally can resist the onslaught of Miku stuff..this Lat Type however is just toooo much moe-ness to skip out on. XD


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