Review: S.H. Figuart Kamen Rider Black RX

After the review of Kamen Rider Black, it’s only fitting that I continue for Black RX, Minami Kotaro’s evolved version! I got him together with Black when it got re-released at June and here he is, outta the box.

Black RX comes with the usual assortment of hands, rather similar to Black and also a Revolcane.(On a side note, during Decade series, where Black RX appeared, for some reason, his Revolcane was not a light(beam) saber, it was just a metal rod. Disappointing..)

Out of the box, the first thing I took a good long look was the head. The antennas like Black was done in a thicker rubber which makes him look kinda dorky, however that was offset by how vibrant and gorgeous the compound eyes were. The silver lines around his eyes with the neat paintwork just highlights how fantastic it was done. If you are a sucker for large, shiny bug eyes, Black RX wins so much in that aspect.

The front and back view of Black RX, It might not be obvious from the picture but Black RX’s body is painted in some metallic green but his arms and legs are just moulded green. The difference although not that striking, just brings down the value of the figure a slight bit. The belt also unlike Black, is painted on and no clear parts were utilised.

The side views of Black RX. His sculpt and proportions are similar to Black as Bandai   seem to use the same body for both Riders. No complaints there, I rather have a sleek and streamlined Rider than one that’s too bulky to pose. You can also see how far up the ‘collar’ reaches up to the neck. Pretty much joining the head from the shoulders. That would cost some articulation issues which I will highlight later.

Articulation wise, it’s similar to Black as they use the same body. It feels solid and also has die-cast feet at the bottom. However on 2 aspects, it totally loses out to Black. First of all, it’s the neck joint. Due to the design of the suit which translated in the SHF, it almost has no articulation whatsoever. As shown in the picture, the angle is the maximum you can turn it to without it looking unnatural and popping the head off. Also the torso and abs can hardly crunch as the whole body is one piece. So the only articulation you get from the stomach area is located at the waist, which makes poses much more static. Those  factors really bring down the play value of this SHF. Boo.

Comparison between the two. For some reason, Black RX seems to look meaner with the larger eyes.

The Revolcane! It doesn’t really plug neatly into the hand of Black RX and it’s loose. So when you move the figure around, the Revolcane flops around and tends to fall off. Minus points for that. Still aesthetics wise, it looks awesome! Especially with the clear blue plastic. The paintwork is neat and no spillovers as well.

Another point I would like to note is that it can’t do its rider kick properly. Due to the legs being fixed at the hip, you can’t close Black RX’s legs into a drop-kick. So it will look like he’s doing a parachute landing instead of kicking you in the face. =3


Bandai pretty much released this product to satiate the Black RX’s fans all over the world so regardless of what I say, if you’re a fan, by all means go get it! Personally, I got Black RX because I wanted to complete the Showa riders and also because of how much I liked the head design. So going in, I already knew what to expect with the neck articulation. However the lack of abdominal movement disappointed me and when the Revolcane is loose and doesn’t look that menacing, it doesn’t seem to be a worthwhile purchase. BUT those are only the negatives! The positives are the really big and bright compound eyes, the usual solid posing that SHFs come to embody and also how much fun you have posing it beside Black. SHF speaking, articulation wise, it loses out to Black but accessories win 1 over Black with his Revolcane. It is a simple looking suit with 2 major colours so it’s really no loss if you skipped over this SHF and just went for other SHFs with the same price range.

well as always, many thanks for reading.


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