Review: S.H. Figuarts EX Cyclone (First Ver.)

Hot off the heels of the review of Kamen Rider Ichigo (Shin Ver.), here is the review of his ride, Cyclone!

Cyclone is the second NON-exclusive bike following Hardboilder. That means it’s easily found and not at a killer price! I got mine really cheap, at 2000yen and will it turn out to be a bargain or a rash decision?

Back of the box and Cyclone, in all its plastic blister glory!

Out of the box. Cyclone has decent paint applications, there’s a nice variety of different colours and it feels solid and has some heft to it. So far so good.

Cyclone’s front and back views. I don’t really like the transparent plastic used for its headlights. If I had clear yellow paint, I would dab it over and make it look like the bike is running instead of looking switched off. The exhaust has some strange rainbow colours adorning it which makes it look kinda kiddy.

I like the hue of the Red painted in Cyclone, it’s a deep metallic red used and it matches very well with the white and black. It definitely looks better than the Hardboilder which has a terrible paint job but Bandai skipped out on the little details such as the screws and the displays but overall, it’s a decent effort and looks pleasing.

Accessories wise, Cyclone only comes with a clear stand and spare handlebars. I’m not sure what are the handlebars for since they look similar to the ones on the the bike but hey, it will be useful if you ever lose handlebars and need extra. Plus point for the clear stand as Hardboilder came with a solid black stand that looks so OBVIOUS and ugly. So marks for Banda’s improvement! But hey, what’s a ride without it’s rider? Enter Ichigo!

Cyclone was made for the First Ver. of Ichigo but who needs him when you have the Shin. Ver? And Ichigo Shin also comes with grasping (riding) hands which makes him a perfect fit! Hop on now Ichigo!

Ichigo has a flexible neck joint which allows him to look up and look natural riding a bike. The flowing scarf also adds plenty of motion to the picture and I just love motion!

Another plus point is also that Ichigo can sit convincingly well unto Cyclone and grab the fuel tank convincingly with his thighs.


Cyclone is a nice release and it fits Ichigo very well. The positives are that the paint is well done and the bike feels solid. Negatives are that it’s a space wasting brick that can hardly do anything.  I’m well aware that Kamen Riders ride their bikes but for the price Cyclone is retailing at, I rather grab another SHF than get a bike that does nothing. You can’t pose Cyclone doing anything cool by itself and for some the thrill of setting a rider with their bike is well-worth the money, for me I could hardly recommend it. Cyclone is a solid bike that only shows off its full charm with Ichigo on it but get it ONLY if you can get it cheap and not at its retail price of 4200Yen.

poor Another Agito is always being made the scapegoat~ As always, thanks for reading!

vroom vroom~


4 thoughts on “Review: S.H. Figuarts EX Cyclone (First Ver.)

  1. So Cyclone doesn’t have any extra parts for Ichigo the first, eh? Thx for the review, this surely help me to kill my doubt on pairing this Cyclone with Ichigo The Next.


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