Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ichigo (Shin Ver.)

It’s not the first time Ichigo has been released in the S.H. Figuarts line, in fact there are 2 variations of Ichigo, the first and next version. However this release, the Shin ver is probably THE Kamen Rider that almost everyone will recognise. I was very excited for its release and ordered it straight off Hobbysearch the moment it was available so how will it hold up against my expectations?

The box is a departure from the older SHFs with more clear panels to look at the figure, akin to the Super Sentai boxes. The new packaging makes it look classier and less of a toy and more of a collectable.

Back of box and the plastic blisters. Ichigo’s box is much thicker than normal SHFs due to the rider kick effect part.

When I removed Ichigo from the box, I was blown away. This is SHF perfection! The sculpt is really nice with the creases in the fabric, folds in the boots/gloves and coupled with the fabulous paint application, this is aesthetically a highly pleasing Kamen Rider. The whole body is matt black with the exception of the silver gloves and boots, the belt and helmet. This makes the whole figurine seriously realistic. The compound eyes are a deep candy red and the typhoon belt has a clear panel at the front of the which adds to the realism of the figure. All in all, aces for the look.

I like how this time, instead of thick rubbery antennas, they give you solid thin ones. It reflects the character more accurately and just brings the quality up so much higher.

A closer look for the head and the chest sculpt. Compared to the MG equivalent, the SHF has much better sculpts for the chest and abdomen. And even though it does not have shoulder pads, the arms look natural and not so naked as the First/Next versions. It looks really fantastic and seeing it in person just renders you speechless.

The accessories. Ichigo comes with 3 pairs of hands with an extra Henshin hand. A billowing in the wind scarf, rider kick effect and a shocker sword. I would be fine if Bandai omitted the shocker sword since Ichigo doesn’t really use it so much but since it’s included, hey why not?

Time for some Rider Action! As SHFs go, Ichigo is no slouch in the posing department and can carry out what you expects of him. A little complaint is that the joint connection at the wrist and ankles is black plastic so when you twist the wrists about it’s visible. It’s strange but can easily be fixed with a little silver paint so it won’t be that glaring.

The sword is a cool touch and I expect that in certain situations, it can be posed to great effect. However..what I really want to do is this!

The ubiquitous Henshin pose! All the Henshin arm movements started from this very stance! This is the closest I can get the SHF to resemble the box art though. The arm can’t go across the chest due to the armour obstructing it. For some reason, the box art just looks better with the Henshin pose. Still, fantastic and the SHF loojks like a real person donning the suit. Good job Bandai!

Let’s not forget the most important thing for a Kamen Rider. 30 years later, it’s still used by Kamen Riders everywhere to deliver the finishing blow. Rider Kick! Just pop the static scarf of it’s ball joint and switch the billowing one, simple and safer than continuously popping the head off! Rider Jump! TOH!

The rider kick effect is a solid piece of plastic that looks really nice. It has nice blue gradient going from dark to gradually lighter at the ends. And the best thing? It’s compatible with almost all SHFs, so next time rider kicks will look that much more awesome in your displays!

Ichigo was so awesome I HAD to take him to an outdoors shoot and spam the rider kick! =D


GET HIM. If you’re a Kamen Rider fan, if you’re a S.H. figuarts fan, if you’re a fan of well-made figurines get him. Ichigo (Shin Ver.) is really a stellar release by Bandai and it really sets the standard that for all upcoming SHFs and makes all the older releases look and feel obsolete. The paint and sculpt is amazing, the rider kick effect part is blockbuster and all in all, it just feels classier than any other SHF that I own. And did I mention the amazing torso articulation? This is a definite must get and right now both Ami Ami and Hobbysearch have him sold out so it’s definitely not only me who think this way. This gives me really high hope for Kamen Rider Amazon (my favourite rider!), the next Showa rider in line.

Such a beautiful beast~ If Bandai keeps this up, my wallet will always be so lonely…Thanks for reading!


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