Review: Figma Hirasawa Yui

after having done 2 S.H.figuart reviews back to back, it’s time to go back into Moe~land with who else? But Hirasawa Yui from K-On! In the unlikely event that you have not heard of K-On!, it’s an Anime of schoolgirls coming together to form a band and Yui here is the lead guitarist! I have both the Figma and Nendoroid version of Yui but for today, we will be taking a look at the Figma!

Out of the box!

Front and back view of Yui. The hair was sculpted in a flowing manner, her locks are flowing to the right side which looks really strange when Yui is stationery. Her uniform on her body is rubbery and has nice creases moulded on. Although Yui has black stockings which blends in with the black joints, the ankle still looks obviously ball-jointed. On the back is the hole in which you can plug the Figma stand into.

The side views of the Figma. From the side the joints become even more obvious and the neck and knees look dislocated. Figmas tend to have really obvious joints so posing them standing straight will just look strange.

Yui comes with her Giita (Guitar), guitar bag, indoor shoes, 2 faceplates with 1 extra fringe part. Also!

Yui comes with a sheet of waterslide decals for the blank faceplate, similar to Nendoroid Rin and the fringe part given was to fit the enlarged face.

If you added in the expressions I’m sure it would look better but I was too lazy.. =P

A closer look at her Guitar. The gradient paint is nicely done and the body is glossy. The knobs could be painted better and there are no strings but for an action figure this is nice enough for me.

Similar to the guitar, the straps are provided separately and they plug into little knobs. I got a little overeager unboxing Yui and snapped off the top knob for the bag. Doh! Now Yui can’t carry her bag like the Anime. =( Therefore be very careful as these things are fragile.

Another cool thing is that the bag is fully functional! You can shove Giita inside! I don’t really see the point because for the guitar to fully go in, you have to remove the strap and then place it inside. Then when you want the guitar, you have to put on the strap again. Too much trouble so why not just let the Figma carry an empty bag? Nice touch though.

Articulation is smooth and solid. The strange obvious joints disappears when you pose Yui and it’s fun just fiddling about thinking of things to make her do. One thing though, since the arm is separate from the body, there will be gaps between the shoulders and chest when moving the arms about.

Just switch on the playing hands, pop Yui’s head off to put on the guitar and slide Yui’s head back on and you’ve got a rockin’ chick! Giita brings more colour and interest to an otherwise “Anime Schoolgirl again? Yawns” Yui. It’s fun to mess around with different poses.

Yui goes for a shredding solo!

This is probably one of my favourite poses to put Yui in, stolen from the boxart.

Since all the K-On girls have similar proportions, you can switch face-plates around for more fun! Yui’s face is actually taken from Ritsu, making recreating scenes from the Anime a reality!


Yui comes with a number of accessories, namely the guitar, bag, decal sheet that can be also used by other Figmas and that by itself is worth the purchase. Coupled with the cool poses that can be carried out with the guitar and fellow K-on members, I am really glad I got it. Sadly though, Maxfactory did not include an amplifier which the Nendoroid did which would make the whole deal that much sweeter. Still, will I get the rest of the gals, you betcha! Yui is a solid addition to the Figma line and her guitar would make her stand out from the hordes of Figma schoolgirls. If you’re a fan of K-On, don’t pass this up but if you seriously hate moeblobs, nothing I say will change your mind. =3

As always, thanks for reading!


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