Review: Nendoroid Al-Azif

Al-Azif was one of those Nendoroids that was released really early so by the time I came into this hobby, it’s already rare and highly priced so getting one meant paying through your nose and I balked at paying such a high price for a non-exclusive item. So I waited, and waited and truly, good things come to those that wait and I managed to snag a second hand at a cheap price of 2300Yen.

Al-Azif is the physical embodiment of the Necronomicon grimoire in Demonbane and supposedly very powerful. Sorry that I don’t know more but the only reason I am getting her is because she is soooo adorable!

Out of the box.

You can see how ribbony Al-Azif is. She is practically adorned all over with them. Her dress has a slight blue to white gradient going on and her purple hair is shaded as well. Although it’s an early Nendoroid, it’s still very nicely done with no paint spillover.

Even the side or her legs and hands has little ribbons!

Al-Azif comes with 2 other face-plates, 2 holding arms, 1 helmet and 1 jelly blob thing.

Al-Azif comes with the skirt-support kind of stand and personally I like this stand for Nendoroids the most. It’s unobtrusive and holds the figure well.

Although Al-Azif only has 2 sets of arms, the hands can all rotate at the wrist so with a little imagination, all kinds of poses can be done.

You can switch out the arms for the jelly holding hands. The jelly has no peg to hold it in so only gravity and friction will make it stay in place. Just slowly tweak the angle and you will manage to make it stay. That being said though, any slight movement will knock the jelly off so it’s not that ideal to pose it like that in your display.

woooooooh~  I  like this face-plate the most out of the 3. She looks simply adorable with this expression.

The angry face is also really cute! Looks like she’s getting the Cyclops jelly to attack somebody. =3

A closer look at her helmet. It looks simple and has clean lines. To put the helmet on, just remove the ribbons at the side of Al-Azif’s head and pop the helmet on.

The little ear piece can also be removed depending on your preference.

Interestingly enough, Al-Azif also has green pantsu, which is accurate to the character. A nice surprise by GSC even though they didn’t have to do that.


Nendoroids are meant to look meltingly cute and Al-Azif succeeded really well in that context. Despite her moderate accessories, she looks so precious in whichever pose you put her in and really brings across the point that you’re getting her because of her looks. The reason I got her was because of how adorable she looks and now that I got her, I am so glad considering it took me so long to wait for a suitable price. She is probably my 2nd favourite Nendoroid after Zange-chan and justly so, as she is just oozing buckets of saccharine. Get her if you can and within your budget, you will not be disappointed. Plus all those ribbons….

As always, thanks for reading!


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