Review: Nendoroid Petit Haruhi Summer Festival (夏祭り) Set

My first Nendoroid, Figma, Figurine and Revoltech was Haruhi. And now my first ever Nendoroid-Petit will also have the distinction of having Haruhi being the first. Yes, Haruhi lead me unto this path of ruin (or endless joy?) so let’s take a look at this set!

If I’m right, this set is based on the endless 8 arc that was infinitely frustrating so straight off the bat, when I saw this all the old feelings of anger came flooding back. But when I cleared my mind I realized how cute all of them looked and why I pre-ordered it, Yukatas anyone?

The back of the box and the plastic blisters. Sadly, the set doesn’t come with any other accessories except for Nagato’s mask. Doh!

All 3 of them have stands are provided and Mikuru’s one (middle) is different from the other 2 due to her longer hair.

The Nendoroid-Petits all have moveable arms, head and feet. The arms can move up and down while the head is on a ball joint. The feet can wiggle slightly but since they are so tiny, it’s more of a bonus than a must.

A closer look at the details. Even though they are small, Good Smile sculpted all their hands very nicely with all 5 fingers being really obvious. Some older Nendoroids doesn’t even have the separate fingers sculpt so seeing it here is really nice. The print on each of their yukata is also crisp and vibrant.

Another nice detail are their slippers. There is some bleeding paint between the straps and skin but for something this small, I’m happy that it looks the way it does.

So far everything I saw was really nice but that all changed when I tried to fiddle with the damn mask.

You can put the mask on Nagato but it would take some patience and fiddling to get it all lined up right. And the end result looks really weird as well, like Nagato is a purple-haired Caterpie.

On the right you can see the box-art depicting how the mask stays on Nagato’s head. When I saw that, I assumed there would be some peg holding the mask on or even better, a magnet for that. But turns out it’s neither, you have to use the string to strap it on Nagato’s head…which doesn’t look too bad from the back…

But from the front it looks like a horrible joke. I can sense Haruhi laughing at Nagato in that picture. =(


This set is a winner in so many ways. First of all, all of them look really cute in their summer yukatas. Secondly they look and feel so high quality despite their size and thirdly, not 1 but 3 girls are in yukatas and it’s a tremendous departure from the normal school uniform Anime girls that are all over the place. Fourth, as they are Nendo-Petits, they won’t cost you a leg and arm to collect them all. I am extremely glad I preordered this set and even though it’s based on a terrible horrible arc of Haruhi, the set has more than made up for it with its detail and cuteness (barring the Caterpie mask).

As always, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Petit Haruhi Summer Festival (夏祭り) Set

  1. I think to place that mask properly on her back, you need to remove Nagato’s fringe part like a standard nendoroid then place the rope then her fringe. Not sure about this though because I don’t own them physically haha XD


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