Review: S.H. Figuarts Shadowmoon

After both Black’s and Black RX’s review, it’s only natural I would take a look at Shadowmoon! Shadowmoon is the primary antagonist of Black and also popping out in Black RX. I will never forget the scene where Shadowmoon appeared and started walking with his heel spurs going up and down..really memorable. And now Shadowmoon is given a S.H. Figuarts rendition! To say that I was excited during deboxing would really be an understatement!

Shadowmoon comes in a nice shiny box, one that will definitely catch your attention!

Back of the box and Shadowmoon in his plastic tray.

Shadowmoon, freed from the box. You realise that although he seems plain, he looks really really good. Maybe I’m biased but I think Bandai did the transformation from real suit to a toy very well. Also notice how sparkling the eyes and Moonstone are. I suppose clear green plastic reflects better than red? Shadowmoon’s waist seems a little thin but that will only come through if you pose him standing straight up. The silver compliments the black by going for a dull smooth silver and although Shadowmoon doesn’t look as flashy as most villains are apt to be, he gives off an intimidating aura!

Side view of Shadowmoon. The spike on his elbows are soft rubber so no fear of them breaking if he falls during precarious poses. The heel spurs can be moved up and down since it’s on a hinge but they are apt to pop off if fiddled with too much.

A closer look at Shadowmoon’s head sculpt. It looks so good and all the little details are painted on his antenna! The panel lines are all done beautifully and when combined with those delicious compound eyes,he probably has the best head sculpt of all the SHFs I own. It looks like you have a real life Shadowmoon in the palm of your hand and the head for me, is the highlight of this SHF.

An interesting thing to note is that Shadowmoon’s shoulder armour is changed in its placement. Other SHFs have the armour on a hinge joint from the top, Shadowmoon’s one is on a peg stuck on his arm.

The maximum you can raise the arms without the shoulder armour popping off. Personally it make its arm poses more naturally but I still prefer how the old shoulder armour was done. Everytime I pose Shadowmoon, the armour keeps popping off and it gets irritating after awhile. I suppose once you get used to it, it will be something to rave about?

Shadowmoon comes with only 2 other set of hands, semi-open palm hands and fists. The Satan Sabre and Shadow Sabers are also included.

Typical of most SHFs, Shadowmoon can pose, and do it well. The only limitation would be the abdominal area due to the suit design and the belt compared to Black. Still as it is, Shadowmoon looks really great however you pose him. But he seems slightly naked without his weapons, so let’s get him some sabers!

Seen in Kamen Rider Black, the Satan Sabre! It looks deadly and the gold handle with the clear red is enough to make it look kick-ass!

For some crazy reason, Shadowmoon looks dead good posing with the saber, there probably isn’t any pose you can pull off that Shadowmoon will look bad in, barring stupid poses.  But why have 1 sword when you can have 2? Enter the Shadow Sabres!

In terms of colour, the Shadow Sabres reflect closer more to Shadowmoon’s suit colour. One saber is longer than the other and compared to the Satan Saber, the Shadow Sabres have lines moulded on the blade making it look that much deadlier.

The shorter saber looks kind of strange when held like this..

Seriously, he can pull off any pose with aplomb. So much so I had to bring Shadowmoon down to the carpark to take some on location shots.

If it’s even possible, Shadowmoon looks even better when the evening sun shines on him and reflects off his eyes and swords. Tremendous!


Shadowmoon is one of the coolest Tokusatsu villain ever so when he was announced as a S.H. Figuart boy was I pleased. And does this SHF when it arrived live to up to what I expected? A definite yes! The sculpt and detail is really beautiful and although the little nuances cannot compare to Ichigo, it has more than enough to be worth the purchase. And that is before the sabres are thrown into the mix. When you add in the weapons, Shadowmoon looks even more menacing and the playability improves by so much. The posing looks great, the weapons look great and the figure is great. I mean, there is almost nothing I don’t like (the shoulder armour) about this figure and plenty of things I LOVE about Shadowmoon. If you’re looking for an iconic character or just a well-made toy, Shadowmoon will tick both boxes. I have waited so eagerly for Shadowmoon and boy does he live up to it.

as always thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Review: S.H. Figuarts Shadowmoon

  1. I’m also going to make my Shadow Moon review later… But I think you did a good job better than me… Anyway, care for link exchange? I just made my account yesterday… Only contains 1 review, though but will come soon more.

  2. The new shoulder armour design was a highlight for me, I thought it made articulation look more seamless compared to the flicking up like the older designs. But this really screams for a BLACK and BLACK RX 2.0! (not to mention Robo and Bio Rider)

    Cool outdoor shots once again, the Asian apartments really gives it that tokusatsu aesthetic they had in the 90s where they always fought in the city!

    • Thanks! S.H.Figuarts are fun to shoot outdoors considering how versatile they are. =)

      And a Black/Black RX 2.0…wow! That will be something really awesome..but I rather they complete the Showa riders first then move on to Black. =3


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