Review: Nendoroid Minami Chiaki

Chaki is one of those figures which I got without knowing anything about her. The reason I snagged her was that someone was selling her for cheap, around 1600Yen as the stand for the Teddy bear included was broken. I mean 1600yen for a Nendoroid, how can anyone resist?

Minami Chiaki is the youngest sister out of the 3 Minami sisters and is apparently very intelligent. She is snide and childish and her favourite catchphrase is ‘Bakayarou’ or stupid idiot. Oh and she is voiced by Minori Chihara (Nagato Yuki’s seiyuu) which is a whole lot of awesome.


First things first, Chiaki is ADORABLE! Her hair looks like she is wearing a mop and the little tuft on top looks like an flower bud, the uniform is plain but well done.

Nothing too spectacular from the side, really muted tones for the entire figure.

Before moving on to the other faceplates, I want to highlight how gorgeous the eyes were done on this one. Look at how sparkling and gorgeous the irises are. I compared this face to the others and only this one has such detailed eyes.

Chiaki comes with 2 other faceplates, outstretched arms, her cap and schoolbag. A closer look at the details of the bag.

Even areas which will never be seen have paint applications, nice one Good Smile!

Not forgetting Fujioka, her teddy bear!

Chiaki plugs on to the base really tight and since it’s my favourite Nendoroid base type, I had no problems whatsoever.

To put on her cap, just pop the tuft of hair off and slide the hat into the peg-hole.

Her crying protest face. =3 And these are the other set of arms provided. You can’t really get much poses out of Chiaki as both arms provided are closed fists, just whether it’s sticking out or down. Her front hair also limits a tremendous amount of articulation as you can only raise the arms behind the hair and not through the front.

Her doh~ face-plate! If you mix and match the arms you do get some variety going on but that will take some imagination to pull it off. The red school bag is also ridiculously understated. You can barely see the bag’s straps and if I didn’t tell you it was on would you really notice it?

Fujioka has arms that can move up and down and also a moveable head. You definitely need the stand to hold the bear up as its legs are too scrawny to support its weight.

The cool thing is also that Fujioka is a Nendoroid-Petit (somehow?) so you can switch heads with them. Here you have Minori Chihara meeting mini Minori Chihara~


I got Chiaki because she was really cheap and now that I got her, I don’t regret it one bit. She is really cute as Nendoroids should be and comes with a decent amount of accessories to make play interesting. However if I needed to pay the full retail price or above for her, I would be slightly reluctant as I have zero knowledge of her character and charm. Her pose-ability is also an issue due to her cumbersome hair from the front and combined with the dull colours overall, it’s not that appealing of a purchase. However, if you were a fan of Minami-ke or a fan of Chiaki, I’m sure the Nendoroid would bring tears of joy to your eyes but for the casual collector, I would recommend it only if you can get it below retail price.

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