Review: Miku Append Figma

I never had the chance to own a Miku figma considering the rarity so when Miku Append came out for pre-order, I grabbed at it with both hands/

Miku Append has a really gorgeous design and I was really happy when I saw the package. =D  Append is an updated set of voices for Vocaloid Miku and with it comes a whole new design for her and I have to say, boy is it different.

It wasn’t till later that I realised Miku Append would be the 100th Figma! The lettering for the words on the box is a reflective silver, very nice. Nendoroid 100 was Mickey Mouse, now Figma 100 is Miku..wonder how she would fare? Well let’s open her up!

Despite the box’s large size, Miku doesn’t have a lot of accessories. It’s mainly due to her hair that the box has to be the size it is.

The first thing that strikes you is that hair is clear plastic! That itself is enough to make me squeal like a schoolgirl! Miku Append also has a very simple, elegant design to her and I especially love her bare feet. The skirt/belt thing at her front tends to pop off when you’re raising her legs so it does limit her pose-ability.

Miku’s neck joint looks strange from certain angles but due to her hair you won’t be able to see it much. She also has a very obvious chest joint due to the switching mechanism for her Append mode.

She comes with 2 other face-plates and all the accessories for her Append mode change. Two ‘open’ arms, the tail cord, open skirts and exposed belly part.

Interestingly enough, Miku has a whole different way of holding her. It’s a clip instead of the peg for the standard Figma. I was really happy when I saw it as it remind me of a S.H. Figuarts stand but as I posed Miku…the enthusiasm withered like salt being sprinkled on a slug. First off, the stand is not secure whatsoever, Miku cannot be held tightly and flops around. Secondly the clip cannot open or close like the Tamashii stands so even if Miku is loose, there is no way you can tighten the clip to improve posing. Adding to the fact that Miku has long heavy hair, the terrible stand just adds to the frustration of posing her. I would forgive Max Factory if they had a hole to plug her in like a standard Figma but no…you would have to reply on the clip for all poses. Tamashii stands will not work on Miku as her waist is too thin so ho hum~ Just suck it up then. =(

For all the frustration the stand brought me, Miku assuaged it with how gorgeous she looks. The hair is really beautiful and since it’s connected on ball joints, you can swivel it however you like.

A closer look at Miku’s hair, It’s clear blue at the bottom and slowly moving it up to an opaque gradient. Some part of me was hoping for totally clear hair but I’m glad with what I got.

Miku also comes with the calm face and it really fits Append Miku!

The posing is really fun and I was wondering how to twist the pigtails here and there to create all kinds of effects and poses. Still the wonders of long wavy hair means that her head is really heavy and in certain poses, her neck won’t be able to support it. Next would be my favourite face-plate, Adult Miku!

Just a simple switch of face and the whole impression is wildly different. Everything seems to fit together and with the Append parts fixed on, she is just really beautiful. In a strange way, this made me wish for my Miku Append Figurine even more. =3

A slight variation of the Append box pose.

A closer look at the finer details of Miku. The Crypton leg band can move up and down and the printing on her body is crisp and detailed. Sweet!

Miku’s hair seriously glows in the light and if even possible, she looks even better.


I believe that the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Miku Append as a Figma is gorgeous from top to bottom and although she doesn’t come with plenty of accessories, her unique look and hair is more than enough to warrant a place in your collection. The stand is the only let down and it’s something that takes a whole lot of patience and time to fiddle with to get the proper placement. You might be sick of normal Miku but Miku Append has enough difference to give a whole new fresh perspective to a wildly popular character.

Till then, thanks for reading.




10 thoughts on “Review: Miku Append Figma

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  4. You know, the peg that holds Miku up is actually removable. The black part on her backside that you plug that cable into actually has a vertical hole suitable for the standard figma peg. If you just pull off that silly horseshoe clip it becomes like a regular figma stand and holds her much more securely. You can’t have her wear her cable that way though. 😦

    • man was it in the instruction sheet? I was wondering that it was too crappy a clip to be the main stand. I rather have the cable off and a more secure Miku. =3

      Thanks! I really had no idea.. XD

      • I actually found out after looking over and over again at the box, search internet for poses.. they should’ve mentioned it in the instruction manual..

    • Wowowo cool! Ahaha I like the whole space effect and Append just lends herself to such epicness so easily!

      Congrats and glad you’re having fun with it! =D


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