Review: S.H. Figuarts Kickhopper

Kickhopper is one of those Riders that has a very distinctive look which made me want to get him the moment I saw him. I think the first-release had a personalised stand for Kickhopper but since it was way back, I grabbed him now when he got re-released.

Kickhopper is from the series Kamen Rider Kabuto and true to his name, his fighting arsenal are mainly kicks.

Kickhopper looks really sleek with the exception of that large/wide chest. I checked some pictures of Kickhopper and yes he does have that large a chest. However I wished Bandai slimmed it down a slight bit for the SHF which would really improve it’s overall aesthetics. A thing worth noting is that his knees, thighs and fore-arms has a shiny metal piece as a part of armour. It brings the bling to an otherwise fully-green rider. Very nice. Hopper Zecter (Belt) is also nicely done and although it’s not moveable, I’m fine since  small moving parts means more tiny falling parts.

Kickhopper only has the Anchor Jack on his left leg. The Anchor Jack can open and close and has the same colour as his mouthpiece.

The main draw for me when I got him would be his helmet. It’s really unique with the spikes (reminiscent of Amazon) and  with those deliciously large compound eyes, pretty much sealed the deal.

Kickhopper comes with 2 other pairs of alternate hands, and a ramen bowl. I got no idea what the ramen is all about since I didn’t watch Kabuto but cool accessory!

Kickhopper can balance really well since he has heavy legs, the die-cast feet and the shiny metal armour plates on his knee and thighs. That means when you raise the legs up for posing, there will weight issues and if you don’t get the positions right, the legs will be prone to sagging. Still it’s nothing that frustrating and with a tiny bit of patience, you can do all sorts of things.

As much as I try to pose him in different poses, my imagination is sort of stretched to the limit since I know nuts about his character. Still pretty much every pose Kickhopper does looks mean and awesome.


I bought this S.H. Figuart because I liked his look and despite knowing next to nothing about the character, I am really pleased with what I got. He can hold his poses well and looks good doing so. Although he has little accessories, he is fun in a green bundle and I would recommend him if you’re looking for a simple and solid SHF.

as always, thanks for reading folks!




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