Review: 1/8 Suzumiya Haruhi

Nendoroid and Figma are both reviewed so now let’s take a look at the figurine rendition of Suzumiya Haruhi!

Haruhi is in the 1/8 scale and manufactured by Maxfactory. I really liked how Maxfactory did the Figma of Haruhi so I had a really good feeling going into this figurine.

Haruhi is not really a very large figure considering she is in a standing pose, not kicking or anything of the sort. Still since she is stretching out and pointing, she does take up some space, lengthwise.

Standard shape for most bases. As simple as it looks however, I like it especially the giant H emblazoned on it. Much better than Mikuru’s nondescript black base.

Out of the box. Right off the bat, I knew that I would really like this Haruhi figurine. First of all, there is MOTION! This was sculpted by Masanori Kuroda and boy did he do a fine job. Haruhi looks like just moved to point forward and got frozen in that pose. The fabric of her clothes have believable folds, her skirt is swishing about and I really like how her left leg is slightly raised instead of being straight. It’s little things like that which combine into a really convincing pose. Haruhi’s skin tone is also shaded so she has a warmer and more peachy look compared to her Figma version.

As much as I love Haruhi’s body sculpt, if her face was a disaster there was no way I could love her. Maxfactory did exceedingly well for the face and it’s really accurate to the anime’s. Her hair lying on her outstretched arm is also another thing which I really dug as it looks so realistic! Her ribbons are fluttery and goes well with her pose. The paint on her yellow hair band is not that crisply done which is probably the only negative in a whole lot of positives.

Her hair also has 2 layers and I didn’t notice that till I tilted her up and looked behind her head. I’m sure you can see from the picture that beneath the first layer, there’s a second one. This creates more volume for her hair and it’s fantastic.

A closer look at how her clothes were sculpted. It looks so natural and when photos were taken, it created plenty of natural shadows which just accentuated the sculpt. There are mould-lines on the side of her body but since you will never see her from the side, there’s nothing to worry about.

Her legs are nice and slender and although it doesn’t look that anatomically correct, it’s how it was drawn in the anime so big bonus for that!

Haruhi looks good in whichever angle you take  photos from so it was really hard to stop. =3

Her accessories are the same as the Figma one, so no need for introductions.

Just remove the arm and hand and pop in the option parts and you have an alternate Haruhi!

The parts fit perfectly and look as natural as the previous pose did.

This pose looks more visually obvious with the yellow cone and for some reason, even more commanding than the pointing finger one… =0

“Kyon get into position!”


I really really like this figurine. The sculpt is great, the proportions were spot on and it really outshone the Figma, which was already fantastic in my opinion. Add this to the fact that I grabbed her for only 2200 yen from a local forum, makes this a fantastic bargain. For all Haruhi fans, grab this figurine if your budget allows for it! It might be slightly hard to find considering its a 2006 release but it’s well worth the effort and time to search for it!

as always, thanks for reading folks!





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