Review: Figma Rider

Following from Saber’s review, it’s time for my favourite character from Fate Stay Night, Rider!! I could tell you a lot more about Rider but since most of it would comprise of spoilers, let’s just move on with the review!

Rider comes in the standard Figma box with a really cool logo emblazoned on the front.

First thing I noticed about Rider when I removed her from her packaging is her hair! Countless plastic pieces hold her hair in place and when they are free of the blister boy do they look gorgeous. Her costume is rather dull so seriously, the hair is the center piece of the Figma.

The front and middle part of her fringe is made of rubber while the rear piece is made of hard plastic. All 3 pieces are painted in an uniform colour so it all looks smooth.

CAUTION about the hair! The moment I got Rider out of the box, I fiddled around with her hair and tried to test how far it would move. By doing that I BROKE the hard piece of the hair and despite attempts to glue, tape or super-glue it, the hair will never go back to how it was before….

Rider comes with two daggers, hands rack and another face-plate. The weapons are really cool and has a fully flexible chain for her to whip around with.

Articulation wise, Saber’s legs are really finicky to pose for some reason and can’t do splits convincingly. An interesting thing is that her thighs from the top of her boots/stockings can rotate around giving you more range to move her about. That being said, I couldn’t think of any cool pose whatsoever to put her in without her weapons so enter the daggers!

The chains really add a deeply menacing aura and coupled with her hair, Rider looks deadly.

Remember I told you about the finicky legs before? She can’t really open her legs wide and that makes posing really difficult. I forgot how many times Rider’s right leg popped off while I was arranging her for the photo-shoot and it quickly became a pain. Her gorgeous hair also is a tremendous pain while posing as it kept getting in the way and since I already broke a portion of her hair, it kept falling off during the photos. Doh! =(

Even though the hair is an obstacle, the chains bring a whole lot of playability to the figure. Throw in another Figma and you can have oodles of fun~


At the end of the photo-shoot, the other piece of hard plastic hair also came off even though I didn’t move it that much. So now I have 2 broken pieces of hair which is really sad considering I almost never break stuff. =(  Coming from the high that is Saber, Rider is a terrible regression in playability and durability. Although Rider is my favourite character in Fate Stay Night, I can hardly recommend her to anyone. If anything, this reinforces how much better a Figma Saber really is. Get Rider at your own risk and although her hair and weapons aree gorgeous, be really careful with her and take it slow.

I didn’t include shots of her other face-plate so here it is now. It look me like almost 5 mins to get her in this crouching pose and still it looks far from how the box art’s one is. Boo~



5 thoughts on “Review: Figma Rider

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  2. She’s sexy & her accessories was quite amazing but her eyes kinda scares me a bit… Hmm… Thanks for the review once again, this is helpful for me being new on Figma.

  3. Rider is just an example of a figure with a great design. But with Figma’s current engineering, she cannot be super poseable. Apart from her there are many characters out there whose designs cannot properly translate to that of an action figure because of engineering limitations affected by design.

    For example, in the Queen’s Blade Revoltech line, One of the reasons why there is no Tomoe is because of her clothing. The Kenshin Himura figure looks rather weird.

    • Well you could do open pieces of cloth like Kenshin but it would look horrible in static poses. Figma Rider isn’t all too just the way they chose to go with her hair which is kinda all those heavy hair pieces came right off..ahahah. Poses wise she isn’t too flexible but her proportions are nice =3


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