Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Belial

Following both Ultra 7 and Ultraman’s review, it’s time to take a look at Ultraman Belial!

Ultraman Belial first appeared in the Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy movie and supposedly he is the first evil Ultraman in the Showa period. Belial has an awesome look and was really killer in the movie so it was a definite must-get for me.

I got Belial together with Kaiser Belial as a combo for around 5300 Yen so it was quite a bargain. Out of the box Belial only has 1 tray similar to Ultra 7 but with lesser accessories.

Belial’s proportions are rather top heavy and he has a really lethal looking colour scheme reminiscent of Carnage from Spiderman.

Belial has a reptilian fin at his back and the red is more pronounced when viewed from the side. It’s also interesting to see how far his eyes stretch back so technically Belial should have the best all round vision for all Ultraman? That might account for how strong he was in the movie..?

Belial has a fantastic head sculpt with a moveable jaw. I love how his eyes have a gradual gradient from orange to yellow at the end. The colour of the head was also done in gunmetal which is the only part of his body done in that colour. Open mouthed, Belial looks mocking and very very evil. I LOVE it!

Other than the head sculpt, it’s also worth nothing how fantastic the body is done as well. Compared to Ultraman’s simple lines and silhouette, Belial has a more beefed up look and all the tiny indents on his body gives a really organic feel to the entire toy.

Belial comes with 2 additional hands, Giga Battlenizer effect parts and a short/long shaft for the Battlenizer.

Before I go into posing, I have to say Belial is rather loose. One thing that is especially irritating would be his waist ball joint. When you move Belial about, it will gradually keep coming up until there is that giant gap in between his waist/lower abdomen. Combined with his heavy upper body, it makes posing him a challenge, since he can hardly support any stances.

Since Belial is rather large, Tamashii stands won’t be able to support him all the time and when you use the extended Battlenizer, the weight becomes ridiculous and single-handedly Belial will never be able to hold a raised Giga Battlenizer without some serious fiddling.

To put on the effect parts, just remove one side of the Battlenizer, pop in the glowing end one with preferred effect part and there you go!! I forgot to mention it earlier but his open hands also have moveable fingers, so props to that.

His scythe effect part is really crazy and to hold it in one arm is impossible. That’s where the Tamashii stand comes in!


After getting both Ultraman and Ultra 7, I more or less knew what to expect from this line of action figures. Belial is loose in certain areas like the waist and arms while the rest of the body is fine which does hamper his posing to a certain extent. However that is eclipsed by how fantastic Belial looks and his tremendous sculpt and colour scheme translated so well to the Ultra-Act line. The effect parts for his Giga Battlenizer is like icing on a really good cake so I can hardly regret getting him. If you’re new to the Ultra-Act line, get Ultraman first since he is a fantastic introduction but get Belial next, he is really cool!

as always, thanks for reading!


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