Review: Figma Suzumiya Haruhi Cheerleader Ver.

Time for another Haruhi Figma review! This time we will be taking a look at Haruhi Cheerleader (cheer-girl) ver.!

Nothing much to say since it’s standard Figma packaging.

One thing that really popped out at me was how terribly obvious the joints were. Of all the Figmas I have, this Haruhi really looks the worst. Her elbows and knees seem kinda dislocated and her shoulder joints are super obvious.

Like Haruhi did, cheerleader Haruhi’s skirt also flits up slightly.

Comparison between Cheerleader and normal Haruhi. For the cheerleader Haruhi. her hair is darker in tone than the original one.

Haruhi comes with two pom poms which attaches straight into her arms, a baseball, bat and alternate head with helmet.

My memory fails me but did Haruhi ever wave pom poms in the anime except in the Bouken Desho Desho opening? Still nice inclusion and considering most Figmas can use them, even better!

With the baseball props however, you can recreate that insane scene in the Anime when the S.O.S Dan were really overpowered..all thanks to somebody~

To switch Haruhi’s head, just pop off the current one and replace it with the one with the helmet. Why can’t you just wear the helmet you ask? Well because of this!

To make the helmet look natural on her head, Haruhi has a very unnatural head sculpt to accommodative the helmet.

It’s also cool how Maxfactory sculpted the poor bat with all its dents and scratches. Those who watched the anime would understand perfectly how this came about. =3


Starting the review, I didn’t feel much love for this version of Haruhi. However over the course of the photo-shoot, I had so much fun posing her that it made me glad I got her. If you have got the original one already and still looking to expand your Haruhi army, this would be a really nice addition to your collection. Although the joints look really obvious, when posed, Haruhi looks much better and with all the accessories provided, the rest of your Figmas can have a little baseball match of their own!

as always, thanks for reading!



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