Review: Suzumiya Haruhi Summer Ver.

oh great, another Figma Haruhi review! This time it’s the summer ver that we will take a look at!

Out of the box

Pretty much same deal as in the first Haruhi Figma with short sleeves.

hmmm….deja vu~?

Summer ver. only comes with indoor shoes so if you want to switch to outdoor shoes, you have to take it from the original Haruhi figma.

Comparison between the uniform of summer ver.(left) and original (right). I’m hard-pressed to find any difference except that maybe the colour of the ribbons are slightly different?

Haruhi comes with a TINY digital camera (not pictured for some reason), a pony tail head and the Brigade Leader (団長) bookend pyramid thingy she places on the table. Not that interesting of accessories but hey, better than nothing right?

For the face-plates, you get the angry and smiling faces which I really like, since they add more versatility to your poses.

You also have the option to switch Haruhi’s head for her ponytail. It’s a neat touch and probably how I will display her since I have too many Haruhis looking the same. What I don’t like is whole sickly the yellow hair-band holding her ponytail looks. It would be great if it was the same shade of yellow as her headband but since it’s an area that normally can’t be seen, it isn’t too bad.

Haruhi also comes with a digital camera and for something that tiny, it’s really detailed with all the paint applications pat down. It’s really small though so be careful with it. I lost it like twice over the course of this photo-shoot so just take care.


The face-plates are a nice addition to your collection but there is really no reason why you should be getting this over the uniform version, since that is much better and more in character to Haruhi. The accessories doesn’t really justify the purchase of this Figma and unless you’re a completist, just skip this and save yourself the money.

thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Review: Suzumiya Haruhi Summer Ver.

  1. There’s something’s that made me curious, & since you’ve completed your Figma Haruhi currently, I’m gonna ask you. Does her face plates can be shared together to her other version’s as well? Like this with her original/winter’s head etc. Or even with her academy & middle school versions?

    Anyway, I did a little research about Shana & Haruhi why they look alike somehow. Apparently both were illustrated by the same artist Noizi Ito?! With that info, nowonder I felt their eyes/face looked exactly the same.

    Speaking about their simillarities, on the begining I want to buy Haruhi too for adding alternate faceplates to Shana(especially Haruhi’s smile on summer ver.), but it appears when I saw your pictures the shape of the face plates are completely different… So I cannot do that custom…. T_T

    • Between figures, ie different Haruhi figmas, have the same face ‘key’ inside, so you can switch them up. I personally have the winter, Kouyou ver, and the PS2 RPG ver. They all can be switched up.

      However, if you want to mix them up with other characters, you’d have to mod the key (ie cut or trim) to make them fit.

      • I see, thanks for the tips…

        Well, I’m too scared to do something like that, so thats why I cancelled my thought on mixing her face to Shana….


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