Review: S.H. Figuarts Another Agito

Following up from Exceed Gills‘ review, it’s time for Another Agito’s review!

This is another case of me getting something just because I like the look and knowing next to nothing about the character. I got Another Agito because he reminds me of Shin Kamen Rider and he looks really organic which is really awesome in my book.

The box art lied. Another Agito’s compound eyes will never be as red and bright as the box art shows. Boo =(

Another Agito (I shall just refer to him as Agito from now on for convenience) has a really muscular sculpt and although the colours are dark, there are little nuances such as the gold bangles and orange stripes to break up all the dark green.

Unlike Gills’, Agito’s spike on his calves and arms are made of rubber so there won’t be any posing issues.

I would like to highlight just one thing. Look at his sculpt! He is probably the most organic SHF that I own and Gills really have nothing on Agito’s tremendous sculpt, His muscles look so good and there are little lines and shading down all over to give it a very life-like look. Agito’s belt (Ank Point) is really well painted and all the little parts have paint applications which look really nice. His helmet also has shading done and his joints are brown plastic. All in all for what you’re getting in a hand-sized package, very detailed and well done.

Agito comes with scarves that attach at his back and an extra head with hands. Considering that he is a melee fighter and has no weapons, this is good enough.

The only difference in their heads would be the open mouth bit. Similar to how Gills had a screaming and normal face, Agito has it as well.

I really like how something simple like two piece of plastic can dramatically improve the look of Agito. It conveys a tremendous sense of motion and dynamism to his poses. The scarves are also very well sculpted and looks like real cloth pieces flowing in the wind instead of chunks of plastic. An interesting trivia: Another Agito is the first Heisei rider to have scarves after Kamen Rider ZX in the Showa series. Cool!

Compared to most Kamen Rider SHFs, Agito’s compound eyes don’t seem to be that obvious and sparkling but it’s something that I can live with, considering how awesome the SHF looks posing in all sort of cool stances.


Another Agito is fantastic. Prior to opening him up, I didn’t expect too much from him but when all is said and done I am just blown away. His sculpt is really fantastic and you have to see it with your own eyes to fully appreciate it in all its glory. His scarves really add a lot to your poses and although he is a simple S.H. Figuart, he is great in all aspects and I would encourage anyone into this line to get this whether you like/heard of him or not. He is a solid addition and has converted me from being interested to a big fan of this figure. Now when I look at Agito, he looks so plain compared to Gills and Another Agito….great job there Bandai!

thanks for reading!



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