Review: Suzumiya Haruhi Middle School Ver.

Haruhi is awesome, but would she be any more awesome if she was younger? Let’s take a look at the middle school ver. of Haruhi and see how it goes!

The plastic blister looks really empty so Maxfactory added a bench at the bottom to make you feel that you’re getting your money’s worth…maybe..?

I don’t really know if they changed the face sculpt of younger Haruhi nor am I really compelled to find out  at this point of time. Since Haruhi is wearing pants, the joints seem really obvious and my Haruhi’s leg was popped out right out of the package. Now her left leg is forever loose and whenever I raise her legs, it will come out real easy. I don’t think its a manufacturing defect since this is the only Figma I have that was like that but it’s a mild irritation.

Her ankles look really ugly due to the ball joint but viewed from the front it isn’t that bad.

Haruhi doesn’t come with plenty but what she comes with takes up quite some space. First off is the bench so if you have Mikuru and Kyon you can re-create the scene and also the chalk machine(?) which Haruhi/Kyon used to draw on the school grounds.

standard Haruhi pose.

What is cool is that under Haruhi’s shirt, they also sculpted her bellybutton.

Since Haruhi has shoulder length hair, her head/neck articulation is really compromised and every time she turns her head, her locks will block the arms and vice versa. =(

I don’t really know what to do with this Figma so I had plenty of random shots..


Should you be getting this? No. I got no idea why the hell I got this and can only blame the fact that I’m a completist for this kinda things. It comes with interesting accessories that were pivotal in the anime so it’s not all bad but seriously if you have the money go get something else. =3

as always, thanks for reading!



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