Review: Ultra-Act Kaiser Belial

I got both Belials as a combo set so after having done the review for Belial, now let’s take a look at Kaiser Belial!

When you have the term Kaiser in your name, you have to be really awesome to make it work and Kaiser Belial was really cool in the movie. Kaiser Belial is Belial revived in the Revenge of Belial movie continuing from the Mega Monster Battle Galaxy Movie in which he supposedly perished.

Kaiser’s box is much thicker than Belial’s one due to his giant cloak.

Kaiser comes with 2 trays similar to Ultraman and it takes up plenty of space.

Unlike Ultraman, Belial doesn’t have a clear stand to balance his cloak. Since Belial is taller than the cloak he’s wearing, he will lean backwards slightly. The cloak is also a rubbery material compared to the stiff plastic of Ultraman’s cape. It has a withered and shrivelled look to the cloak with some black shading at the bottom.

Nothing too different from the sides. In the movie, the red orbs by the side of the cloak were clear red orbs but for the Ultra-act it was moulded with the cloak and just painted red. It will be crazy fantastic if it was clear plastic but what it is now looks good enough for me.

The Kaiser freed from his royal cloak. As you can see, it’s heavy and solid enough to stand on its own.

Comparison between the 2 Belials. Kaiser Belial (left) and Ultra Belial (right). The only differences I could find would be in their head.

Kaiser has a redder hue to his eyes and the scar across his right side compared to Ultra Belial. Personally I think the more orange hue for Kaiser looks so much better and deadlier. It stands out more and goes so well with the red of his body.

Since Kaiser has essentially the same head sculpt as Ultra Belial did, his mouth can also be opened and closed.

Belial comes with the Giga Battlenizer only (no effect parts unlike Belial), 4 hands and an extra piece of the cloak.

just pluck off the right side of the cloak, replace it and…

You can replace the clenched fist with the evil looking hands, really lethal looking, rather like Edward Scissorhands.

Kaiser Belial looks really great with the cloak and hand out. I will probably place him in my collection like this just because of how menacing he looks like that.

Kaiser only has the long shaft for the Giga Battlenizer and NONE of the effect parts that came with Ultraman Belial. Of course if you have Ultra Belial, Kaiser can obviously use the effect parts as well.

Let’s forget about the Giga Battlenizer since it’s pretty much the same deal that I covered with Belial. Instead let’s focus on Belial’s scissorhands! I really like the crimson claws and boy does he look so lethal and ferocious with it. He comes with one pair of spread open hands and one pair with fingers gradually raised.


First off I’m sure people will be asking, what is the difference between Kaiser Belial and Ultraman Belial? Both has the Giga Battlenizer and ONLY Ultra Belial has the effect parts for the Battlenizer. Kaiser doesn’t have the effect parts but he has the cloak and also the crimson claws. So which should you be getting if you want Belial? Cost wise, Ultraman Belial is cheaper and with the effect parts seems like a good bargain. Personally though I would recommend the Kaiser iteration of Belial as I think his eyes and claws are much more aesthetically visceral compared to Ultra Belial. Do I regret getting both versions? No because both are different in their own way and since I really dig Belial’s design, this is hardly an issue.

thanks for reading eh!



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