Review: Nendoroid Kousaka Kirino

Today we shall be taking a look at Nendoroid Kirino from the anime with the seriously long name! Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) Yes it’s a seriously long title and Kirino here is the main protagonist. For those who haven’t watched the anime, Kirino is an otaku and the anime centers on her adventures and problems dealing with it with as a secret.

The stand that comes with Kirino. It slides under her skirt and is really secure. I can lift the Nendoroid by the head and the stand stays attached, that is fantastic!

Kirino out of her packaging.

I really adore angry faces on Nendoroids and Kirino has a fantastic one on. Add to the fact her arms are crossed this Nendoroid is bordering on saccharine overdose. =3 Her hair pins and uniform are really simple and this Nendoroid does run the risk of being too plain, however Kirino’s hair saves her from that fate. Other than it being slightly orange, the sculpt looks really nice with plenty of locks framing her face and her 2 pointy ends are also re-created lovingly in Nendoroid form.

From the side the hair has a nice sculpt as well.

Another look at the most awesome pose a Nendoroid can strike. =)

Kirino comes with 2 other face-plates, 2 dvds, 1 bag, 1 handphone and a dazzling array of arms.

For the bag and DVD/Blu-ray discs, it comes plain and you can choose whichever sticker appeals to you and then stick it on. The stickers are tiny and it can test your patience to get them lined up all right. To GSC’s credit though, the labels are really sticky and feels high quality, I doubt any of them would be peeling in the near future.

The angry face goes with everything! Kirino’s cellphone is detailed for something that small. It has a nice pattern at the front and a decal inside which shows all the buttons and screen. The hand provided can grab the Comiket bag but it’s not that secure so when you move Kirino around it might fall off.

Kirino also comes with the gasp! hand parts to go with her awestruck expression. You can also alternate it with a holding hand so Kirino can be going ga ga over Meruru~

Kirino also comes with the generic smiling face. One thing to note while posing Kirino is that since her two hair locks are right in front, it will limit your arm movements to a certain extent. Not as bad as Chiaki though.

If you have Kuroneko, you can re-create scenes from the anime!


My favourite character from the anime has been Kuroneko so it was only after getting Kuroneko then I decided to get Kirino since she was being sold second hand for 2500 Yen. After getting her, I think she is really adorable and has great play value as well. Her joints and base fit on snugly and switching parts are a breeze. The Nendoroid improved my perception of Kirino and it made me appreciate her more in the anime. =3 If you have watched the anime I would recommend this Nendoroid highly since it’s a really cute rendition of the lead character. For others, get this if you’re looking for a highly playable Nendoroid which is delightful to boot.

as always, thanks for reading!

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