News: Kamen Rider MG (旧1号) and S.H. Figuarts Fourze

I’m really a bigger fan of Ichigo’s older design compared to the current one and Bandai decided to come out with a MG rendition of it. Hmm…

The reason I didn’t get the MG of Ichigo was the rather stumpy proportions. They didn’t change it for this rendition (why would they?) so it’s an easy pass for me. 旧1号 retails for 3800 Yen and releases late Oct. Still if Bandai came out the S.H. Figuarts for the 旧 ichigo, I would get it in a heartbeat. =)

S.H. Figuarts Fourze has been announced and as entertaining as the series have been turning out to be, I’m still hardly sold by the suit design. The head looks like an Onigiri, the body reminds me of a leather harness with the  X and Δ on his legs just makes him cartoony. The Fourze driver also looks exceedingly complicated and why would any enemy realistically allow you time to flip all the switches? The good thing is that the SHF comes with both the drill and rocket modules, so at least you can do some decent poses with Fourze. If Fourze is your poison, he can be gotten for 2800Yen for a 27th Jan release. However if you’re still not satisfied with that, don’t worry Bandai has it all planned out for you.

You can get even more add-ons for Fourze at 2000Yen for his other switches and amazingly if that is STILL not enough, Bandai has that covered as well.

The effect parts set for the drill and rocket comes at 1500Yen and considering a base is thrown in, I would probably be getting this if I get Fourze. Highly unlikely though..

Thanks for reading and all information was kindly linked from Kamen Rider GG.


2 thoughts on “News: Kamen Rider MG (旧1号) and S.H. Figuarts Fourze

  1. good question there. take a gander at the Ichigo Shin ver.

    there isn’t the hair part for Shin ver but there is for the old ver. Since those are promo pics, I’m pretty sure that that will be included with the MG figurise and probably one of the few cosmetic differences to make this one worth picking up as well?


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