Review: Nendoroid Kuroneko

Following Kirino’s review, it’s time to look at her rival and my favourite character from Ore imo, or Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない)  if you prefer it that way. I really like Kuroneko in the anime and now that she is made into a Nendoroid, will anything change? Read on to find out!

Kuroneko comes in a really nice and colourful box similar to Kirino.

Kuroneko comes in the Gothic lolita outfit she sported regularly in the anime. Since it’s a dark shade, the details don’t immediately come to eye but take your time to slowly scrutinize Kuroneko’s dress and you will realise she has ribbons! Lots of them! I love ribbons on my Nendoroids and Kuroneko has a number of them. Her arms and skirts has the tiny bows and a giant bow is hidden by her hair on the back.

Kuroneko has a really simple hair design which doesn’t distract you from her main asset, the dress!

Her roses and the bow is sculpted really nicely and even her undergarment has a bow moulded on! It’s even painted to boot. Little details all of them, but it’s things like that which makes or breaks the figure no?

Kuroneko plugs on to a similar type of stand as Kirino did and similar to Kirino, she fits rather snugly on it. However due to her rather voluminous skirt, she doesn’t fit as tightly as Kirino did so when you move her about, be careful of her toppling sometimes.

Kuroneko comes with a large number of arms/hands, 2 face-plates, two bent legs and cat ears plus tail. I really like Kuroneko’s face-plates. All 3 are tremendously fitting for the character and I would actually have a hard time deciding on how to display Kuroneko eventually.

2 of Kuroneko’s arms has a joint in the middle which allows it to rotate giving it more posing articulation. This is a really classic Kuroneko expression as well. =3

Since Kuroneko comes with plenty of arm parts, you can recreate all sorts of silly poses with her. For this I did kung-fu and boxing stances. The other 2 face-plates are the geeee~ face and the snide smirking expression. Awesome~

As you can see from the above picture, Kuroneko has a lot of frills under her skirt and it does obstruct the movement of her legs slightly. I tried to make Kuroneko do a Rider Kick but that didn’t turn out to well. Doh~

You can also remove Kuroneko’s headband and display her without it for a totally different feeling. However that will leave a gap at the top of the head where the headband used to be.

Kuroneko comes with only 1 DVD compared to Kirino’s 2. You also have the sticker options on what you would like to apply on the case. I chose the Maschera sticker since Kuroneko loves it so much. =3  Kuroneko is holding on to the Comiket bag from Nendoroid Kirino (right picture).

To switch on the cat parts, just remove Kuroneko’s rose headband and the giant bow at the back of the skirt and switch the cat parts in.  She does look cute like this but for some reason, it didn’t really appeal to me so I only took 1 photo of it. Her black ears and tail in combination to her already dark dress doesn’t really do it any favours.

If you have both of them together, it’s really super fun to do all sorts of random stuff.


Am I disappointed by what GSC did to my favourite Oreimo character? Hardly so. Kuroneko has a really different look ( as NOT in school uniform) and the details on her dress are so nicely and tastefully done that even though the colour is dark, you can’t help but love it. Her large array of arms/hands also make doing poses a snap and with all her face-plates being really her, you got yourself a Kuroneko shrunk down in chibi form. I don’t really like her cat stuff but I’m sure some folks out there will love it to death. If you have watched Oreimo and like Kuroneko, you have to get this. If you are into Nendoroids and looking for something to add to your collection, why not consider making Kuroneko part of your family? I did and boy she is really delightful~

Go and spread the glory that is Maschera! – Kuroneko

as always, thanks for reading!


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