Review: Nendoroid Hinagiku Katsura

I had plenty of good experiences with Maxfactory, mainly in their Figma line with a figurine thrown in once in a while. However I had no experience with a Maxfactory Nendoroid, until now. Thus, I present Nendoroid Hinagiku Katsura (桂 ヒナギク) from Hayate the Combat Butler! (ハヤテのごとく!).

Hinagiku is really skilled in Kendo (thus the inclusion of the Bokuto and Shinai) and also the student council president. Interestingly enough, the stand is packaged together in the blister with the Nendoroid compared to how GSC Nendoroids where the stands are placed at the bottom. I got mine 2nd hand since I wanted to try a Maxfactory Nendoroid and Hina-chan was going for only 2000Yen.

First off, really unique stand. I wonder how she would fit into the pegs?

I tried to find some sort of instructions in the box telling me whether I got it right or not but no such luck. So through trial and error, I concluded that this is the best way to hold Hinagiku and let me you tell straight out, this stand sucks. It doesn’t clip on to her skirt whatsoever, Hinagiku is just balancing on the stand and the moment you move her, she will fall. If you didn’t line her up right, she will fall. You shift her centre of balance slightly, she will fall. =(  A positive thing though, Hinagiku can stand with both her legs on the ground, no transparent base obstructing her bottom! In comparison with other Nendoroids however, Hinagiku WILL be shorter as other Nendoroids are standing on a clear base while she is not. So not that positive after all? Alright let’s get past the base and unto the figure proper!

Hinagiku has arms that can rotate similar to Kuroneko but since her arms are red compared to Kuroneko’s black, it is far more obvious. I like her flapping skirt sculpt and it’s neat that her hair has some white gradient shading done to it. What I don’t really dig however is how odd the gap where she pins her hair up look. Yes the character did look like that in the Anime but it just seems very blocky in the Nendoroid sculpt. Like a ruler has been placed there and the fringe cut around it. Still overall very cute and really liking the pink.

You can see how the stand supports Hinagiku better from the side. Ok on to ranting again. I noticed that when I switched in certain expressions for Hina-chan, the fringe part cannot be closed fully, which means there will be a terrible gash at the side of the head. I tried to push and push but stopped at a certain extent as I didn’t want the face-plate being stuck too deeply into the head. Yes you can’t see if from the side but hey, the whole Nendoroid feels all the cheaper for it.  =(    Boo!

Hinagiku comes with an extra bent leg and arm, the shinai and bokuto, extra hands, cat parts and 2 more face-plates.

By rotating and twisting her arms, you can create all sorts of bent/straight arms for your poses. That is kinda neat but since Hinagiku is prone to face-planting whenever you shift her accidentally, I got kinda impatient and slightly miffed at her.

I don’t know if it’s because mine is 2nd hand but during posing, her right leg socket is really loose and the leg keeps dropping off. The waist connection is terrible as well and I don’t know how many times her skirt came off during the photoshoot. On the plus side, Hinagiku looks cool with her weapons and it’s a shame the stand is what it is. If the bent arm stand was provided, Hinagiku’s playability would skyrocket. I switched out the side stare expression for the angry one and boy does it suit the mood.

Why have 1 sword when you can have 2 I always say. The hands holding the swords are not really moulded with the fingers on so it won’t look strange if she is holding both at the same time. That’s a great thing, however since no fingers were moulded, her hands look rather blobby.

The generic smiling face. I barely feel anything for this expression and I highly doubt Hinagiku will be displayed in my cabinets with this face-plate on.

The cat parts. I was rather surprised that the cat tail is on a peg that clips to her waist instead of just attaching straight to her skirt. I guess Maxfactory wanted to keep the skirt clean and not have holes to accommodate the tail? If you are getting all excited for the Nekomimi and want to place it on other Nendoroids, tough luck since it I tried and it didn’t really fit on properly with other head. Unless you have a compatible Nendoroid, it won’t really work out. =(

I don’t really like the clip for the tail as it really looks out of place with the Nendoroid. The cat tail is really nicely done however and the white tip at the end of the tail is really neat.



Ok let me state the positives first.                                                                                          1. Her arms are really poseable and with her weapons, her stances are cool.                    2. I really like her pink hair and her angry expression.                                                            3. Other than her weapons, you also have an option to have her in Neko form, or even both weapons and Nekomimi.

Negatives:                                                                                                                                        1. The stand provided is just a dismal horrendous failure.                                                    2. The seams for her hair and being unable to close it fully makes it feel and look cheap.  3.  Her leg and skirt are really loose and it’s seriously irritating.

This is the first ever review that I have listed the pros and cons like this and it’s simply because I cannot seem to decide whether it’s a terrible Nendoroid or not. If you are a fan of the character, I would think that you should have enough patience to work out the kinks above and end up loving Hinagiku. For the rest, your Nendoroid will probably end up on the ground in pieces since the issues are seriously frustrating. Get this if you want, but just be prepared. Personally, this makes me want to stick with GSC for all my future Nendoroids and Maxfactory will only be for my figurines and Figmas. =3

as always, thanks for reading!


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