Review: Nendoroid Saber Lily

I have done the review for the Figma Saber Armour ver so let’s go take a look at Saber again, this time in Nendoroid form! This time it won’t be normal Saber, but Saber Lily instead!

Saber Lily is an alternate costume in the PS2 Fate/unlimited codes game and the reason I chose Lily over the regular counterpart because I like Lily’s costume so much more!

Saber Lily is rather uncommon to find now so when I had a chance to get her, I leapt at the chance. I got mine 2nd hand from local forums at her retail price of 3500Yen which is rather lucky considering Saber Lily’s prices got rather inflated nowadays.

The differences between Saber Lily and normal would obviously be the change of armour and also how her hair is tied up. Saber’s hair is done in a bun while Saber Lily has a ribbon holding her hair in a ponytail. For the Nendoroid, the ribbon is sculpted wonderfully and I really love how it flows with the hair. Her armour is a matt and the pink on her clothes look slightly out off place with the rest of the outfit. I would prefer the pink to be more whitish as it would go with the silver and white more smoothly.

Nothing much to mention from the side other than the fact that there are ribbons on her arms! =)

Saber’s pony tail is on a ball joint which you can rotate about and below the main piece of hair, the secondary piece can also swing outwards to a certain degree. Her random piece of hair sticking out can also be moved.

A better look her armour. If you look closely, there are some bleed over from the white areas to the skin but that’s only if you look really deeply.

Saber comes with both Excalibur and Caiburn, 2 other face-plates and extra arms and hands.

Although it’s tiny, both swords and the scabbards have amazing paintwork and detail. Caliburn looks especially good with the blade having the gold in the middle like the Figma one.

Saber Lily comes with  an arm and hand part to replicate the pose of the figurine from GSC. Her scabbard has a hole which pegs onto her hand which allows her to hold the scabbard. However only her left hand has a peg so you can’t have Saber holding the scabbards with her right hand.

Saber comes with 2 other expressions, a rather cold stare and an embarrassed face. A point to note, all clenching fists for Saber come in the right fists only. So if you want Saber to hold both swords, you have to use 2 right hands to have the effect. =(

What you can do however, is make Saber hold a scabbard with the sword in while holding another sword! So there you have it, dual sword-wielding!


I wanted Saber Lily for the longest time so when I managed to snag her, I was really happy. Saber Lily looks really sweet with a more feminine slant compared to normal Saber and that is the main reason I got her. She is a Nendoroid so she will not pose as well as a Figma but still, cool poses can be pulled off and when you add in how gorgeous her weapons look, you got a really neat package. The moveable hair ponytail also adds dynamism and motion to the Nendoroid and if you’re a fan of Saber, get Lily if you can over regular Saber. For neutral fans, Lily has a truly unique look and if that does appeal to you, grab her if you want!



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