News: 1/8 Oshino Shinobu by Good Smile Company

Mikatan just did a review of the upcoming Oshino Shinobu 1/8 figurine  from the anime Bakemonogatari!

GSC seems to be out-doing themself with every Bakemonogatari figurine and Shinbou just totally upped the ante. Look at that damn base!! It’s based on an illustration and boy is it insane. Can you spot references to the various Bakemonogatari figures in the base? Just take a close look, it’s really obvious!!

I really like how the fabric is done as well and look at those legs!

You can also remove Shinobu’s helmet as well! So far I have been resisting GSC’s stellar Bakemonogatari releases but I wonder this time for Shinobu can I say no…?

For the full post, go check out Mikatan’s blogpost!


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