News: Figma Ika Musume Promo Pics

Figma Ika Musume has promo shots up now!

Ika Musume looks really fantastic as a Figma and it looks like she just leap out from the Anime! I’m not a great fan of the squiddy invader but what Maxfactory did really brought out the best in her and just look at her tentacles!

Look at how the tentacles were sculpted and how alive they look. It’s also fun how Maxfactory included the longer extensions for Ika Musume as well. The food that she can grasp in her tentacles are also fantastic add-ons.But you know what’s even better?

Her tentacles can also move at the back creating even more possibilities for posing! After Rider, I think Ika Musume will have the nicest ‘hair’ in the Figma line. However if tentacles are not your thing, you can display her without any too!

Figma Ika Musume will be released March 2012 for 3500Yen so are you opening wallets to the squiddy invader? I know I sure am Geso~


All information and pictures kindly linked from the FIGMA Blog.


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