News: Nendoroid Ohana Matsumae

We just got a glimpse of Ohan from Hanasaku Iroha on Mikatan’s blog! Ohana is a truly lovable character in the anime and now she is in Nendoroid form! YAY!

I’m really disappointed. Ohana’s face is way too wide and she looks chubby however you view her. The anime has gorgeous art but Ohana when translated from screen to figure, she just becam pudgy. =(   Since Nendoroids are chibified characters, the head is really important and Ohana’s face just puts me off. That being said, I really like her Kissuiso uniform with the folds in the apron giving a sense of realism, her tiny slipper feet and the flowers in her hair. But seriously GSC, Ohana’s face is just way too wide….=(

Ohana’s smiling face was an epic fail but the accessories she comes with is a tremendous win! For some reason also, her angry face is more angular and she actually has a jaw now!

Not content to just give you with food trays and a broom, the crane is also included! If I ever do get this Nendoroid, the crane will be a major draw for me. =3

I know, on a Nendoroid that looks seriously wrong right? If you have never watched the anime, this will be a major WTF point for you but since I did watch the anime, I’m just rather surprised that GSC would want to include this with the Nendoroid…

With Kyuubey staring at her the whole situation just became even more ominous.

Her surprised expressioin is back to the whole fat face syndrome again though. Boo! Even with that many extras, I just don’t feel that Ohana is something I want to get despite loving the character in the show. The face just feels wrong and despite all the accessories, that’s something that can’t be glossed over. =(  I just hope that when Nakochi, if she ever gets the Nendoroid treatment, will fare better than how Ohana did.


Information and pictures are kindly linked from Mikatan’s blog.



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