Review: Nendoroid Asahina Mikuru

Mikuru is the really awesome time traveller from the anime “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” and although I didn’t like her the first time round, on my second trip I begin to appreciate her more and how fantastic Yuko Goto was as Mikuru’s seiyuu. Let’s Mi…mi…mi…kuru beam our way into the review!

Mikuru strangely enough comes in her Maid costume and not her school uniform as the first release which is different from Haruhi and Nagato. The main draw of this Nendoroid for me would be the Mi…mi…mi..kuru beam~ included so seriously that has to be somewhat awesome or I would be totally devastated. =3

Mikuru comes with a really unique stand which supports her at the waist. You remove the ribbon at her back and slide it in to lock her in place. I say lock but in actuality, it sorts of holds Mikuru in place, and not that securely either. Since Mikuru has a really heavy head, similar to how Haruhi is, she tends to sway from side to side whenever you move her.

Mikuru out of the box. I would like to highlight that the expression I have on is actually the angry one. Since Mikuru’s fringe covers the eyebrows, you can’t really get the full angry face. It actually looks like she’s gaping in surprise from some angles. The maid costume is done really sweetly and the white trim along her skirt has no bleed-over. Her 2 ponytails are on ball joints and can swivel about.

I also really like her headband and the 2 little red ribbons at the side. What can I say, I’m a sucker for ribbons on my Nendoroids. Her hands can also rotate and plucked out to switch with other different hands.

You can move the hair this much before it pops off the ball joints.

Even though the badge is tiny, it’s faithfully re-created and you can read ‘Mikuru <3″ on the badge. Sweet~

Mikuru comes with 2 bent arms, 1 more V sign hand, 3 extra faces and the Mikuru beam effect part with stand.

You can see Mikuru leaning due to her heavy head since the base can barely clip her on tightly. =( However the trade-off of having such a heavy head would be the moveable pigtails! You can do all sorts of random poses and make Mikuru power up like a Super-Saiyan!

These are the 2 other smiling faces for Mikuru and although I think smiling faces in Nendoroids are pretty generic, Mikuru looks fantastically adorable with both. Must be the maid costume. =3

Mikuru beam effect part! It’s done in a very cartoony lightning bolt shape and slides onto a peg with a stand. Nothing too fancy but it does it’s job.

In pictures the peg holding the lightning bolt is rather obvious but that’s something I can live with. I also switched in the Mikuru beam face-plate with the different colour left eye. Mikuru looks really cool like this and it will definitely stand out in my collection. I mean how many maids show lightning out of their eyes?



I had Haruhi before so I was familiar with the heavy head of older Nendoroids so when Mikuru’s head kept dropping during the course of the photo-shoot, I took it all in my stride and dealt with it. Bad points, top heavy and coupled with a dumb base design makes posing a terrible pain sometimes. Good points, the maid costume is well done, Mikuru is delightfully cute however you pose her and she has Mikuru beam! For fans, this is a cool thing to get but for casual fans, grab Mikuru if you’re only willing to deal with problems an older Nendoroid entails. I don’t regret getting her one bit and seriously, Mikuru beams are awesome…!

thanks for reading folks!






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