News: Figma Sayaka Miki

Miki Sayaka’s promo pics are up on Maxfactory’s Figma blog! Sayaka is from the anime Puella Magica Madoka and if you watched it, she was one of the more instrumental figures in the show. Now she has been rendered into Figma form!

I got to say, I really hated Sayaka in the show but as a Figma, she looks fantastic. First off, the gold trims are really crisp and I seriously dig how nice it contrasts with her blue, the boots especially. And is that a cloth cape at the back? Interesting! She looks amazing overall but considering these are the promo pictures, it would be a tad too early to expect the product you’re getting in the future to be the same. =3


Her swords also look really nice and with the cape being cloth, it most probably wouldn’t hinder her poses that much. Although it’s looks slightly strange that the top cape attachment is plastic with the cloth following suit.

8 swords are given. 8!! Like what they did with Mami, they really went for numbers this time with Sayaka. Well I’m not complaining and it also looks like they threw in a plastic cape that has a flowing effect as well. 2 capes, 8 swords with a delicious paintjob, boy Maxfactory is really improving the Figma line with the Madoka girls eh? This is a must-buy for me! Miki Sayaka can be yours for 3500Yen and will be released February of 2012. =) Now I can’t wait for Kyoko’s preview. =3


pictures and info linked from the Figma blog. =)


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