Review: Nendoroid Nagato Yuki Disappearance (消失) ver.

This version of Nagato is based off the Disappearance of Haruhi movie and me not being able to find a Nendoroid Nagato at a reasonable price before, leapt at the chance of owning Nagato, disappearance ver. or not!

Yuki is probably the only spectacled Nendoroid that I own and her box follows the same pattern as all the Haruhi series Nendoroids.

Nothing much to say about the packaging except Yuki looks super cute even without removing her from the box. =3

Nagato comes with the standard Nendoroid stand that clips on to their skirt. For Nagato I can’t seem to make her stand with her feet touching the base without Nagato slouching slightly. I looked around and pinpointed the cloak being too long and thus obstructing the base to sit flush with Yuki’s skirt.

So when you look at the pictures, Nagatoi is sort of floating in the air since I can’t really get her straight if she was touching the base. Anyways on to the Nendoroid itself. Nagato comes with a really cool winter coat and a removable scarf. Her hair is also shaded in white and purple tones and although Nagato has short hair, I like how it was sculpted. Especially from the back, you can see her hair is swaying to the side slightly.

You can see the joints for the arms and you can only swing the hands from left to right. No optional straight jacket arms are included so you will only be stuck with bent up arms.

Still it’s a fantastic body option and most Nendoroids would be compatible with it. =)

I fitted the Nendoroid Haruhi disappearance ver. on and she looks so happy! =)

Nagato comes with an extra pair of spectacles, an additonal body, 2 face-plates and another arm for the new body.

I really like the winter jacket for Nagato but I like this body even more! Nagato looks amazingly sweet for some reason and you can’t help but want to cuddle her when she looks like that~

Nagato’s glasses has a peg that slides into grooves on her fringe part. If you want to remove the spectacles, just take out the fringe part and slowly take out the spectacles.

The extra spectacles that are included are meant for Nagato to hold since the one that attaches to her hair has the nubs on the side. When you remove the glasses though, there will be a slight gap in her hair where the glasses used to be but it’s not something that jumps out at you.

These are the 2 other face-plates. Nagato comes with a slight smile or a troubled look. I really like the depressed face-plate and if it’s possible, Nagato looks even cuter than before~


After the frustration of handling the older Haruhi Nendoroids with their finicky stands and terribly heavy heads, Yuki is like a fantastic breath of fresh air to sooth my irritation. Nagato is seriously cute even for Nendoroid standards and I really like how you have the option of displaying her with the uniform or the coat and switch it around anytime. If you have watched the movie or just a fan of Nagato, this is a must-get since GSC translated Nagato so well into a chibi form while retaining her character in tow. Nagato is a solid release and if you have other Haruhi Nendoroids, posing and creating scenes will be super fun~

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Nagato Yuki Disappearance (消失) ver.

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    • REM-CHAN! If all were to be the same price, REM-Channnn. But seriously all 3 are good, it really depends on how much you feel for the character. If you hate the character, even if the Nendo is excellent, you would still kinda hate it. =3


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