Review: Nendoroid Asakura Ryoko + Expansion Parts set

Asakura was probably the first character in the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi which did something really significant and move the story to a climax but other than that, I really didn’t like her that much and if you’re wondering why I got the Nendoroid despite not liking the character…read on!

I got Asakura because she was going for cheap at 2000Yen and I wanted the expansion parts that came with her more than the Nendoroid. As you can see, Asakura comes with a ponytail Haruhi head, Mikuru’s head and witch costume for Nagato. =)

Ryoko comes with the typical skirt peg Nendoroid stand which holds her pretty alright.

Although the main draw in getting Ryoko is for the expansion parts, that’s not to say that Ryoko herself is a shoddy Nendoroid. I really like how her hair is sculpted and the two hair pieces at the side can be rotated around so it won’t compromise her arm movements.

From the side you can see all the little detials that makes Asakura Ryoko’s hair really nice with all the lines and how it all links back to the red clip. Really nice. =)

Ryoko comes with an extra face plate, a knife, schoolbag and two bent arms. I’m missing the hand that holds both the bag and knife and I think I lost that part. =(

A switch of face-plates. This expression has a really serene feel to it and I prefer it to the winking one. However both face-plates are good fun and you can’t go wrong with either. =) I rotated the hair pieces to the side in the picture and you can compare it with previous pictures to see the difference.

The expansion parts! Other than the hair parts and Yuki’s witch costume, Mikuru’s legs and Haruhi’s arms are provided as well.

I changed the hands for the Haruhi Nendoroid and added in the ponytail part. Be warned though, with the head heavy Haruhi already being terrible to balance, a ponytail just makes it worse.

For Mikuru, the only thing you need is her face-plate. Pop in her face-plate into the hair part and attach the head to Ryoko’s body for school uniform Mikuru. Oh and remember to switch the legs as well. So depressingly enough if you want uniform Mikuru, you either have to settle for Maid Ryoko or no Ryoko at all. Hmm…. =(

As fun as Mikuru and Haruhi’s hair parts can be, Nagato’s witch costume is undoubtedly the clincher. She comes with the full set and even Shamisen clinging on the cloak which is an awesome touch. Of course Shamisen is removable and I used the disappearance version of Nagato as I didn’t have the original one. The disappearance Nagato is smaller than the original though but she still looks awesome in the witch costume. =D

the whole gang. =3


Unless you really are a fan of Asakura Ryoko, you will most likely be getting this set for the expansion parts. The Nendoroid is interesting with a nice hair sculpt but I think she got overshadowed by all the extra accessories. HOWEVER, if you don’t own any of the other Haruhi Nendoroids, I really have no idea why you would get Ryoko at all since there really isn’t much playability with all the expansion parts. Asakura Ryoko is fun and if you have the budget for it, why not consider adding her to your collection? She is hardly necessary however and unless you want to re-create scenes from the anime, she is an easy pass.

as always, thanks for reading folks!



2 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Asakura Ryoko + Expansion Parts set

  1. Haha I actually really like Asakura and was seriously considering getting this nendoroid even though I didnt have the others. XD

    • Alone she doesn’t really have much stuff and I think GSC just wanted to sell her as a bonus to all those accessories..but she is a pretty cool character especially when she gets all murdery~


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