Review: Nendoroid Suzumiya Haruhi Disappearance (消失) Ver.

I have plenty of Haruhi Figmas and the last Haruhi Nendoroid I had was really finicky. That didn’t stop me from getting this version of Haruhi though, and it was a must-buy the moment I laid my eyes on her. =D Read on to find out why!

This version of Haruhi came from the movie  and I have already reviewed the Figma version so let’s take a look at the Nendoroid!

Haruhi doesn’t come with much interesting accessories but she does come an optional short-hair head! =)

I always loved cross looking Nendoroids and Haruhi looks so unhappy it’s adorable~Her hair is a chunk of plastic with no moveable parts so it does hinder her poseability somewhat. The good thing is that even though it’s long, it’s not that heavy and the head can support it no problem. The Kouyou uniform is really plain and dark so nothing much to say. Haruhi’s ribbons are nice and are sculpted flowing which is sweet. =)

From the side the ribbons looks really prominent and I like how the yellow contrasts with her hair. Haruhi balances using the skirt stand and she fits on it snugly.

a closer look at Haruhi before I start playing around with the spare parts. I love crossed arm cross Nendoroids!

For some reason, Disappearance Haruhi is much tinier than the original one. Same case with the Figmas as well. However with the size difference comes great improvements! Disappearance Haruhi has a much lighter head which doesn’t tumble at the slightest touch and also the stand is secure. Compared to how Nendoroids have improved, I will gladly take the size reduction anytime to have this sort of quality! =)

On the left we have the neck peg for the original Haruhi. On the right we have the one for the Disappearance ver. Other than the older one being shorter and thicker, it’s also weaker than the newer ones.

If you were hoping for some face-plate switching fun, you will be disappointed as both face-plates vary greatly in size and mould. =(

Haruhi comes with extra arms, 2 other face plates, school bag, legs and the short hair!

To let Haruhi carry the bag, just switch on the hand for it. The hand is moulded together with the bag though, so you won’t be able to swing the bag or whatever. The grinning face is also super and you can easily imagine Haruhi donning that whenever she has a plan in mind.

Although I got this Nendoroid for Haruhi’s long hair, my heart just melted when I saw this optional head. For the previous Haruhi Nendoroid GSC seems to have messed up Haruhi’s proportions with the face which made her look kinda chubby. For the disappearance one however, they aced it so well that it become SUPER cute. Let’s pop her short hair on now!

As much as I love Haruhi’s new look, the old one still works better for me. She looks uber cute with this expression and I was just starstruck the whole time. =3 Of course you can swap this expression out and put in the cross face-plate to have a whole new feel to it. However short-hair Haruhi with the Kouyou uniform seems rather weird,,,

With the behind of the box telling you that Nagato’s body can also be used for Haruhi, I switched it around for the quintessential Haruhi. I really really like this iteration of Haruhi and she will probably stay on my shelves like this for a long long time. The armband is also much tighter and stays on with no problem.


I’m a Haruhi fanboy so I can’t really find any fault with this. =3  The Disappearance ver is so much better than the original version and also much easier to find so seriously, just go with this. She is really cute and you have the option to have her in short or long hair and if you also have Nagato, you can re-create her look at the beginning of the movie (above)! If you want a Haruhi Nendoroid, get this. If you’re a Haruhi fan, get this. I might be slightly biased about this…

as always, thanks for reading!!


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