Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Amazon

I have pre-ordered this baby since the 6th of May and have been eagerly awaiting him to be released. That was around the same time I started collecting S.H.Figuarts and when I saw Amazon, my favourite rider being rendered into a SHF, I knew I just got to have him. Now I do and will he live up to my (unreasonable?) expectations? Read on to find out!

Amazon comes in a really colourful box reminiscent of his costume and I really dig it. I’m glad they carried on with the clear panels in the box from Ichigo as it makes the package classier and more of a collectable. Also the paper backing in the box is orange! I don’t think I ever had a SHF that had an orange background. =D

Out of the box, Amazon doesn’t look that cheerful any more. Guess it’s the orange? =3

Out of the plastic. Ok first off all those lines on his helmet and body? They are sculpted on and then painted!! I feel that is probably the highlight of the SHF and seriously that is way awesome. Amazon also has really sleek and slim proportions going for him which is accurate to the original character. The only thing that looks kinda strange would be the chest armour. More on that later though.

His spikes on the calves and arms are rubbery, but solid rubbery. If you tried to scratch yourself with that you actually can cut yourself. Not recommended to try though, unless you dig those kinda things. They also re-created the fin off the back of Amazon nicely and although it can’t move up and down like the TV show, it’s nice enough for me.

The chest pieces are moveable independently. I feel they look too pointy towards the end but as time goes back I suppose it will grow on you. It’s also worth highlighting that I panel-lined Amazon’s abdominal area and belt with a Gundam Marker to bring out the definitions.

Amazon is the 1st SHF to have a moveable jaw I think. And it’s a really cool touch considering how much Amazon bit the Beastmen when he fought them. 2 things I need to highlight though. 1st, the only way you can open Amazon’s mouth fully is to tilt this head up. If you push his head down with mouth opened, it will become only half opened due to the scarf and lack of clearance. Secondly the red when his mouth opens look cheap and anatomically incorrect. It would be so much better instead of having a flat piece of red plastic inside, at least make it curve inwards to reflect some sort of cavity eh Bandai? Still, commendable effort and something that I appreciate. =3 The head sculpt is a real winner though and although his eyes doesn’t shine as much as Ichigo, the lines and helmet proportions more than make up for it. Since the original suit design had a darker coloured helmet and lighter green for body, I’m really happy Bandai followed it through.

The scarf’s connection also has been improved from Ichigo and it’s much better now. Ichigo only had a ball joint which meant the scarf could only swing around. Amazon’s one has an open connection which means it can swing around AND forward/ backward. Nice! Amazon also has a gigantic fin for his costume which Bandai recreated for the SHF. If you have something stuck on your back, you’re bound to have articulation issues. Bandai got over it slightly by breaking the fin into 2 so Amazon can twist his body about. However,  the middle part of the fin is still in the way so Amazon can only twist towards the right and not the left. Aesthetically the fin is nice, articulation wise it kinda kills off Amazon’s left turning. Doh~

We are finally at the accessories bit, since there were so many little things to talk about Amazon. Alright we have the different hands, the combined Gigi and Gaga armlets, the Condora belt and rope, not flowing scarf and also the Dai Setsudan effect parts. You can’t really see the effect parts that well since they are clear plastic against a white background. And here is where I want to rant. Since Ichigo got a nice clear blue rider kick, was it so hard to give Amazon’s effect part some colour? It’s just clear white with some gradient around the edges but that’s sucky man. It doesn’t pop and when I have the time I will definitely be doing some D.I.Y with clear red and orange paint. =(

*Have done the D.I.Y for the effect part!! Over here!*


Kyuuuuuu~ Geeeeee~ Geeee~

Posing Amazon is rather fun and for the most part he can stand without support. However his ankles are kinda weak which brings up certain balance issues.

Amazon also has an amazing Ab crunch and can seriously do sit ups with no problems. Anyways, Condora! Just pluck out Amazon’s existing belt and switch it the other one. Now that Amazon had Condora out, time for Indiana Jones’ rope-swinging!


Too high? No problem, Amazon has his trusty rope!

To change Amazon’s Gigi armlet for the combined one, just pluck it out and plug the desire one in. Now Amazon has both armlets, he is unstoppable! =3

Poor Another AgitΩ is getting owned again. =( No, Amazon is not hugging him, he is biting him. Jaguar Shock! If you didn’t watch the series, you will be surprised (or not) how much Amazon bit his opponents. I think there was one time he bit the hell out a centipede beastman. More than a minute of pure unadulterated biting. =D


Since it’s Amazon, enemies don’t spontaneously explode when they get kicked. They have to die a gory and painful death. In case you’re wondering the blue effect part comes from Ichigo Shin. Ver and it’s compatible with Amazon!

Time for some slice and dice~ For the Dai Setsudan effect part, you have to use this hand since the effect part is moulded to clip on this hand. So if you want to use that for any other Rider, you have to plug this hand on to them. Not very versatile I know but considering how many Riders have black hands, it is not that bad.

大切断! Or not, since Amazon has the combined armlets, it should be スーパー大切断!! Since the effect parts are clear the whole thing is rather meh~ Ah time for some spray painting..or change of background.

Ah good old blood spurting. I wonder for those kids back in 1974 watching Amazon, don’t they get traumatized by how terribly each Beastman got dismembered and bled to death? But then, considering most Beastman spurted orange or green blood/foam, maybe not.

Size comparison. Ichigo is slightly taller and larger but nothing that substantial. Both are works of art and seriously the Showa riders are getting a lot of quality in them. My next one is Nigo in November so Bandai, come on with more Showa goodness! I want my Super 1 and Stronger~


I love Amazon, both as a series and as a character. When the SHF got announced I couldn’t be happier and now that I have him, it made the unendurable 6 months worth it. His sculpt is really cool with all the lines done in and then painted. His helmet is especially awesome and with the proportions, the figure itself is already such a winner. I spent any entire night fiddling with Amazon as every pose he struck is beautiful and I just can’t get enough. The accessories are nice add-ons which increases the playability to an already fun SHF. I might be biased since I like Amazon so much but I find him a worthy continuation from the pinnacle that is Ichigo. Is Amazon as well-made as Ichigo? No. As iconic as Ichigo? No. But he seriously comes close in my book. Now I want a Jungler to go with Amazon, limited or not, I will be getting it! Come on Bandai!!

thanks for reading and it was a pretty long review eh? AMAZON!!


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