Review: Nendoroid Kyon

Kyon is my first ever male Nendoroid and being one of my favourite Haruhi characters, I pounced on it the moment it was available for pre-order since well it’s Kyon! So let’s take a look at how does the only human in the S.O.S dan fare in chibi goodness?

Kyon doesn’t come with many accessories and I got to say, the first impression isn’t that good. Kyon looks kinda plain~

Kyon’s stand. He comes with the arm type base as he doesn’t have a skirt for the standard Nendoroid stands to plug into.

Kyon has a really ugly skin tone, bordering on yellow and that was the first thing that caught my eye. Other than that, I like how his hair is sculpted with all the little pointy ends and although he’s a Nendoroid, you can still clearly tell it’s Kyon. GSC did a nice job with his face there =) The logo on his right pocket has also been re-created nicely. =)

From the side you can see Kyon’s hair even more.

Kyon comes with the scarf, two bookmarks, the “gun”, arm and hand parts with one face-plate. Not very exciting as accessories go but seriously what else could they given Kyon?

What’s damn impressive is that for the bookmarks, the words are all readable. That’s insane. Check out the picture above for the size of these things. Holy crap. The bookmark on the left was from the anime where Nagato told Kyon to meet her at 7pm at the park while the right was from the Disappearance movie where Kyon has to activate the program in 2 days or something.

Kyon looking all cool with his scarf on. The stand plugs into his back securely so no worries of Kyon toppling.

Kyon going all James Bond with the ‘gun’.

With the arm stand, all sorts of Action poses can be done and it’s rather fun making Kyon doing diving shooting poses.

oh what’s that? Kyon super spy has found something. Oh.

*facepalms* I have to admit, the driving force behind this Nendoroid is the facepalm. How many Nendoroids can facepalm? That is just pure awesomeness.

Yuki Nagato, your end is near~ Return the world to normal!


Kyon is light on accessories and lacks a defining look. For casual collectors I doubt he will appeal much to you as there really is nothing much going with him. However for Haruhi fans, Kyon is the final piece of the jigsaw for your Haruhi collection and until the time GSC decides to come out with a Koizumi Nendoroid, Kyon is the definitive male in the S.O.S Dan. Get Kyon if he appeals to you, he’s plenty of fun, but only if you know the character.

as always, thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Kyon

  1. hey there 😀 nice pictures!
    by the way, will it look weird if yuki wears the coat without her skirt, cause i’m planning to swap it over to haruhi and display both of them together.

    • hmm Yuki does have a blue skirt below her coat and if you just make her have the pantsu only, I think it will be kinda visible? Why not just give Haruhi’s skirt to Yuki and Yuki’s coat to Haruhi?

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