Review: S.H.Figuarts Shinken Red

I have Gokai Red and his quality sort of convinced me to take the leap for more Super Sentai S.H.Figuarts. The next one that I got my hands is none other than the 18th Head of the Shiba Clan, Shiba Takeru, ShinkenRed! (P.S I know about Kaoru in case you’re wondering but I still regard Takeru as head) =3

Shinkenred has a really snazzy box. It’s red with hints of gold lettering about the place. The clear panels with red lettering on it brings up the whole quality of the package as well. I especially like the at the side. BUURRNN~

Shinkenred comes in a thicker box than usual SHFs, reason being the 2 tier of blisters, one for the figurine and one for the Rekka Daizantou.

Super Sentai was never really shy about their costumes and the Shinkengers really took it up one notch higher. From the ridiculous entrances to having their element emblazoned on their face, Shinkengers are really flashy. Shinkenred’s element is fire, hence the 火 on his head. Mine has some slight breakages in the white lines across his 火 but nothing too serious. Shinkengers were really slim in the show and I like how the SHF brought that across as well. Unlike Gokai Red however, Shinkenred has really OBVIOUS arm joints that sometimes you can even see the screw inside. More on that later.

His boots are also sculpted with creases to give it a more realistic look.

His Shiba crest on his chest is not just printed on, it’s actually slightly elevated. That little detail made the whole crest so much better. Anyways, check out the joint for his arm, really bad and obvious. Gokai Red has a different connection so I could say maybe Bandai improved on the design?

Takeru comes with different hands, the Shodophone, open and closed Origami and his trusty Shinkenmaru.

These things are tiny but it’s ridiculous how detailed they are. Especially the Shodophone. Even the Lion can move his tiny arms up and down. Cool stuff man. =D

一筆奏上 (Ippitsu Soujou!)

The Shishi (Lion) Origami is a nice addition but it can’t do much by itself. Also both the Shodophone and the closed Origami can’t really fit into the hands snugly and prone to fall off easily. So just be patient when posing with it. =)

シンケンゲジャー, 舞える!The Shinkenmaru connects to a clip on waist. Just slide the sword into the clip as there will be a groove to hold it.

The Shinkenmaru does fit into his hands, but you got to push it in to make it fit. Even when watching the show I always felt the damn sword was too short and even as a SHF, the Shinkenmaru is still chibi. Ah well~

Kinda ran out of ideas for posing him at this stage. Well let’s go on with an even bigger sword!

*spins the Hiden disc* Rekka Daizantou!

The Rekka Daizantou is really big..and plasticky cheap. =(

Both sides are the with the exception of the front having the Hiden disc. The disc can spin but other than that there is absolutely nothing you can do with the Rekka Daizantou. It can’t fold up into Bazooka mode in the show so it’s just a huge hunk of plastic. Still it’s pretty nice and I’m glad it was included.


The sword is really heavy and since Shinkenred can only grab the bottom of the weapon, there is bound to have weight issues. To compound the issue, his hands cannot grip the Daizantou tightly whatsoever so it’s pretty much adjustments here and there till he can stand with it.

It would be real cool for fire-effect parts to be provided but since it would drastically add to the weight issues, it might be for the best that it wasn’t included?

Big swords are fun to look at, not fun to pose.

From Bushido to Piracy. The wonders of Super-Sentai!


Right out of the box, I didn’t really like how obvious the arm joints were and that sort of diluted my enjoyment at the start. However as I started messing around with him, I begin to appreciate Shinkenred more and he does look good in most poses. If you really liked the Shinkengers, or Power Rangers Samurai… need to pick this up because it seriously is the best action figure representative of Shinkenred out there in the market. It can pose well, the quality is there, the proportions are pleasing. Downsides? He can’t really hold on to the Shodophone, the Origamis and to an extent the Rekka Daizantou. Although those are minor irritants, it’s not something that breaks the figure as a whole. Let’s put it this way, would I get any more Shinkengers? Maybe. IF they could be found at a decent price since all of them are Tamashii Limited exclusives with the exception of Gold. Would I get any more Shinkengers if they weren’t limited? Hell yeah! I really liked the series and the SHF does enough justice to the awesomeness that is Shiba Takeru. =D

as always, thanks for reading here!



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