News: Nendoroid Ayase, Sayaka Miki, Figurine Tomoe Mami, Figma Saber Fate Zero

Mikatan just previewed Nendoroid Menma and now Ayase! Wow GSC is really churning out the poison…Aragaki Ayase is from the anime Ore no Imouta ga konnani kawaii ga nai or Oreimo and she is sort of a secondary character IMO. I already reviewed Kirino and Kuroneko from Oreimo so let’s take a peek at Ayase’s pics!

I managed to stop myself from pre-ordering the Ayase Figma considering that I didn’t really like her character so can I do the same for the Nendoroid?

uhwaahh the reluctant scolding face~ Ayase is really cute like this and boy I can feel my resolve fading away~

the slightly puzzled/disgusted face! I don’t dig this one as the scolding one but I have to admit, it’s very Ayase.

She also comes with handcuffs similar to the Figma BUT it’s worth noting that this expression is from Nendoroid Zange Chan so you won’t have a yandere Ayase outta the box. =(

Pictures and info kindly linked from Mikatan’s blog.

Well let’s move on to GSC’s live Nico Nico broadcast they did which I missed due to work. Ah well Nekomagic has all the goodies listed out so let’s take a look!

There was also a glimpse of a Miki Sayaka Nendoroid and considering how I pre-ordered all the Madoka Nendoroids, Miki is giving me no reason to stop because the prototype looks cute!

a 1/8 Tomoe Mami was also shown and I’m definitely getting her! Can’t wait to see her in colour and all her bad ass guns~

HSP Miku too! Although I do dig the teal-haired diva, there’s just something about this rendition that doesn’t do it for me. So I will be gladly skipping this figurine and save myself the $ to buy other stuff. =) Also doesn’t this Miku kinda reminds you of Kagamiku from Lucky Star ?

A very nifty looking Saber was also presented. The grey prototype looked kinda meh~  but now that Saber is all coloured up, she does look very dandy. And the slicing effect part? Just pure goodness~ I might have to convince myself to skip this release but it will be hard….

The Nico Nico broadcast pics and info all linked from Nekomagic. =)

seems to have plenty of good stuff coming up and boy I can hardly wait…even though my wallet is in tears. =3



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