Review: 1/8 Hirasawa Yui (Alter)

Alter’s figurines are really expensive once you miss the pre-orders and the Alter K-On line is no exception. I always wanted Yui but the prices sort of put me off. Thankfully enough, someone was letting go of their Alter Yui without box for a rather reasonable price of 4000Yen so now that she is here, let’s take a look!

Yui came without her box so let’s just jump straight to the figurine!

Yui has a really simple uniform design with the different hues of blue so there really was nothing in the colour department Alter could do to spice things up. What Alter did however was put her in a jumping pose that exudes dynamism and movement. A very nice departure from typcial standing poses for figurines. The folds and creases in Yui’s skirt and blazer has also been sculpted really nicely with all the crinkles and flowing skirt. =) It’s nothing mind blowing when you look at it the first time, but as you slowly scan the figurine, you will it appreciate how it was done. =)

From the side you see how Yui is twisting her body as she leaps into the air. It looks natural enough and won’t take up that much space in your display too! Yui is also holding a pick on her right hand which adds to the realism of the figurine.

Yui is supported by her left leg which pegs in on the base. Stability wise, I have no issue except for Yui shaking slightly when there’s slight movement but in all, the base holds her up solidly. The base is clear plastic with a guitar shape with Yui’s name printed on it. Simple, looks alright and effective. =)

If the face was really ugly, no matter how awesome the rest of the figure is, it would still kinda suck. Thankfully Yui has no face issues. The sculpt looks like Yui and I like how the shape of her face translated from 2D to 3D. However I would prefer Yui to be much happier than this however? =3 Anyway, her hair is also fantastic and there seems to be so many layers for such a short hair-style. The swaying of the fringe also adds to the motion of Yui which is really sweet. Only gripe I have would be the rather reflective eyes. When exposed to light, the printed on eyes really shines and it looks kinda cheap. Still that’s really a minor knock on such a stellar head/face.

Since Yui’s uniform is really dull, the first thing your eyes will be drawn to would be her nice and bright guitar. Alter also re-created the guitar or Giitaa beautifully. There is some shine on the body while the knobs below are done in clear plastic. The strings are all there and attach as a real guitar would. Awesome~

You can even see the treble word on the top lever. Small detail but really nice one.

Alter didn’t include the Gibson logo but considering copyright issues and whatever, I’m fine with the exclusion. Look at how the strings attach to the tuners, cool stuff. The tuners are also ‘tuned’ with them all facing different directions which is another cool point. I forgot to take a picture of the back of the guitar though so I will just give a verbal run-down. The back of the guitar has some wood grain added in which is fantastic and the tuners are also painted really crisply in silver at the back. In all the guitar is probably the main piece visually of this figurine and it sure delivers!

Yui’s legs are proably the simplest part of this figurine and even though it’s plain, the sculpt is really slim and proportionate. I like how the calves are done and the brown shoes has some gradient to it. The skirt’s also folds up slightly at the ends like it’s swaying.

Even though you normally can’t see it from the front, Yui’s body has also been sculpted nicely with all the buttons and even a hint of her growing chest. =3

Something that is different from the original is that Alter Yui has black lapels! I’m quite sure the original anime version did not have the black lapels and it kind of makes her look like a waitress in the Alter version. However since she has a guitar obstructing the front, it’s not too bad.

Yui looks so happy~ Or maybe it’s just me..

I also took pictures with a black background and she looks fantastic as expected!


I REALLY love this Yui. For the price I got her and with such quality in the figure, it’s hard to find any issues to nitpick. If I had to, the eyes printing is too shiny and Yui doesn’t look happy enough. That’s it. However her guitar is tremendous, the sculpt is awesome and the pose is really dynamic. If you like K-On and if your budget allows for it, grab the Alter figurines over the Nendoroid and Figma as it’s a more accurate representation of the character. If a reasonable Alter Mugi comes around the corner, I will grab her for sure!

Is Yui as good a guitarist as Jimi Hendrix or Pete Townsend? Eh I doubt it…but she is much cuter~ =3


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