News: S.H.Figuarts Skyrider announced and colour pictures of 1/8 Tomoe Mami up!

Yes!! Another Showa rider to be announced!! This time is Skyrider! The only rider that can fly~

I don’t really like Skyrider’s costume and always thought the brown and green were too jarring when put together. The S.I.C release made a frumpy looking rider really menacing and the SHF looks a tad too boring in comparison?

S.I.C vs S.H.Figuart

The SHF followed the classic design but somehow there’s something really off with the chest and abdomen of his. It just looks too obvious and really chunky. What I really like however is Skyrider’s helmet and boy the SHF one looks really sweet.

Well anyways I will be getting him to complete my Showa riders and he will be release this coming Feb 2012. =D

Woah Mami looks fantastic and I can hardly wait for Mikatan to do a picture review!! I really dig Mami’s pose and she just looks gorgeous from the costume to the hairpin!

Look at the detailed painting of the clasp and the seams/zip across her bountiful chest! The hair pin also looks really good with a clear red part in the middle! Mami has a beautiful expression as well. It’s probably the master figure so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the final product will have such quality. =D

All Skyrider info and pics from Kamen Rider GG and Mami’s pics from Mikatan.



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