Review: Nendoroid Izumi Konata 27D

Konata has 4 different versions in her Nendoroid form, ranging from 27A to D. It’s kinda confusing about all the different ones, considering the only differences would be the accessories with the Nendoroid being the same. What is similar is that all are limited releases so when I found one selling for only 3300Yen+ at a local forum, I got it without a second thought!

27D is the Saitama Shinbun ver, which I suppose is a collaboration between a Newspaper and GSC?

The box is a regular Konata Nendoroid box but with the 27D sticker stuck on it to differentiate it from other Konata Nendos.

The back of the box shows the various versions with the contents. A is similar to D except it has the Nendoroid Puchi of Akira, B has the Dadada finger, and C has the cornet.

Konata’s little hair curl is ridiculously exaggerated in Nendoroid form with it becoming really long and almost touching her forehead. It’s a separate piece which can be turned around or removed when you want to place the Nekomimi on. Konata has a simple uniform with nice crisp lines with no paint bleeding. One thing I noticed is that you can easily see the ball joints on her legs which is kinda weird.

Konata has the same issue with Hinagiku in that for certain face-plates, the fringe can’t close fully. Boo~

Konata comes with the standard Nendoroid stand and also a clip if you prefer to use it. However, my base is really loose and both the skirt stand and clip slides to the bottom of the rod whenever the base moves. Doh~

Konata comes with a truckload of accessories, cat tail and ears, 2 OTHER skirts, newspaper, stickers for the paper, a chair, 2 bent legs, 2 face-plates and 2 newspaper hands.

Konata has a sitting skirt part and 2 normal skirt parts. 1 is for her cat tail and the other is the normal skirt part. So a total of 3 different skirts. Sort of overkill?

The stickers are a tad bit troublesome to stick on considering the newspaper has some sort of elevation to it. You will get air bubbles when applying so just take a toothpick and go slowly. If you screw up, there are extra stickers so no problemo!

This is my favourite Konata expression and it’s so her~ Like she is plotting or thinking something weird again..

Konata also comes with a cheerful expression and the >o< face. The smiling one is meh for me but the >o< is really fun!

Konata with her cat parts on. It’s interesting how Konata’s Nekomimi is not both upright. One is down and one is up, kind of like a lazy cat. =3

Time to get to why I bought this Nendoroid! I want a newspaper reading Nendoroid! Konata seems really stoked as well. =3

Konata looks so adorable like this and I will definitely be displaying her like that. The newspaper fits well into her hands and although it takes some fiddling, once it’s in, it’s in. However Konata is tremendously hard to balance on the chair due to her heavy head and I’m sure if you take the time and effort to balance her, you could? I would probably stick her on the chair with a wad of blu-tack when I display her as I wouldn’t want her toppling. For this shoot however, I cheated and use a Tamashii stand to prop her at the back to save me time and frustration. =3


I really really like this Konata Nendoroid and she looks so delightful posing! Despite the little niggles of posing her and the seamline across the head when the fringe can’t go in, I still enjoyed playing with her and the accessories really bring out the fun for this Nendoroid. Considering that she is limited, if you can get her for a decent price, go get it! Konata is how a Nendoroid should be, cute with all sorts of interesting accessories to go along with her. =D


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