Review: Figma Hiiragi Tsukasa

The next Lucky Star character after Konata to be released was Tsukasa, 1 out of the 2 Hiiragi twins. Let’s take a look!

Tsukasa also comes in a nice box with the school printed on and it’s more colourful than normal Figmas. =)

I never really thought Figmas could be cute but Tsukasa is REALLY cute. For some reason, she looks so cheery and sunny and whenever I’m done, I just need to look at Tsukasa and all will be well.  =D  The uniform is the same as Konata’s so nothing much to say.

The bow of Tsukasa is really outstanding and it brings a splash of colour to an otherwise dull ensemble.

Minimal accessories as well for Tsukasa. Just a Figma stand, hand rack, 1 extra face-plate and a handphone.

Tsukasa looks super sweet and delightful in whichever pose she strikes. =3 I wasn’t a huge fan of Tsukasa in the anime but I am now. =D

I tried to replicate Tsukasa’s dance from the opening on the left and switched out Tsukasa’s other face for the right picture. Her original expression was sweet enough but the | _ | face is epic in its own right.

*Tsukasa is lost in Konata’s world*


Although Tsukasa is plain and lack accessories, she more than makes up for it by being cute. I never really thought of Figmas being cute, that belonged more to Nendoroids but Tsukasa really challenged that perception of mine. I got Tsukasa and Kagami as a bundle for around 2600Yen so it was already a bargain to begin with. If you watched Lucky Star, I would highly recommend this Figma but even for casual collectors, if you want a cute poseable figure, Tsukasa’s your girl. =3



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