Review: Figma Hiiragi Kagami

While watching Lucky Star, I really enjoyed the banter between Konata and Kagami and as the series progressed, Kagami slowly but surely became my favourite girl. I just reviewed Kagami’s twin sister Tsukasa so let’s take a look at Kagami for today!

Same deal with Konata and Tsukasa for the packaging. Let’s take Kagami outta the box!

Same body as Tsukasa, same uniform as well. =3 Kagami has a nice hair sculpt and it still looks cartoony despite it being 3D now.

Kagami’s hair ribbons has also been re-created hanging off the sides. Since it’s a duller colour, it won’t be standing out as much as Tsukasa’s ribbon. =3

Same deal with Kagami, an extra face, hand rack, a manga volume and Figma stand. The manga volume comes as a bare piece of plastic so you got to apply a sticker on it to complete it.

Kagami’s twin tails can be rotated about and as long as you’re gentle with it, there won’t be any breaks to worry about. =3

Kagamiku Append!

The other face-plate provided for Kagami. From the rather ice-queen look of the previous look, this is a warmer more approachable expression. =3


I had real fun with this Figma and the only complaint I had would be that Kagami’s normal expression seems too stoned for my tastes. I wouldn’t recommend non Lucky Star watchers to grab her considering the lack of accessories and rather simple design Kagami sports. However if you enjoyed Lucky Star as much as I did, the Figma would really bring out the charm of the series. =)

thanks for reading!





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