Review: Nendoroid Zange-Chan

been missing from blogging for these few days as my attentions were fully absorbed in Dynasty Warriors Gundam. Well managed to pluck myself away from the TV to do a review on my Zange!

Zange-chan is from the anime Kannagi and my favourite character from the show. She also happens to be my favourite Nendoroid and I waited so long to get her since most of the times, her price is really inflated.=( I snagged her off Ebay at 4000Yen and couldn’t be happier. Let’s take a look at Zange outta the box!

Standard skirt-stand for Zange. =3

Zange has a very simple nun habit design, just mainly black and white. Still there are creases sculpted into the dress around the tummy and arm areas so it doesn’t look too flat. Zange’s hair is purple with white accents in between the hair and the top of her head. To get to the point of this review, Zange is SO cute!

Zange’s hair is really nicely shaded from all angles and giant cross on her head just adds to the charm. =)

Look at this! Zange epitomes what all Nendoroids should strive for! She is the very picture of saccharine sweetness. (Ok I might be biased with this) =3

Zange comes with her awesome sign, arm parts, creepy crawlies, her cross necklace and 2 otherr face-plates.

Zange’s cross necklace is actually made out of a bendy metal wire, so you got to push it down for it to look natural. Still I’m afraid of breaking the wire so I didn’t twist it too much.

Zange-chan and her ubiqitious signboard. It says Zange-chan, 1 time, 100 Yen. That’s because in the anime, you can pay her 100yen and do a confession. That’s how she got really famous as an idol I think. Strange but cute~ When you’re putting the sign into Zange’s hand, do it slow since the sign is rather flimsy. You don’t want it breaking now do you.

Zange is so sweet~ Or not. I put in the mean face-plate and the whole cuteness just escalated even more! I like happy looking Nendoroids. But I LOVE mean-looking ones even more! Here Zange is offering you a spider. Go ahead take it! You don’t want to make her mad~

If spiders are not your thing, Zange also has slugs. It’s supposed to be used in tandem with Nendoroid Nagi but until I get Nagi, I will have Zange offering creepy-crawlies to my Nendoroids. Zange also looks so condescending holding the sign, like she know how much money she is cheating you off. LIKE!

“Oh you don’t like me anymore? Hmm how about now?”

The last expression, Zange’s helpless/Yandere one. I can’t say I really dig this as I like Zange’s red eyes more. Still it’s a fun addition and I can see how other Nendoroids can use this expression.

“I’m so innocent and sweet, save me~” Jin had really good determination not to cave in despite Zange hitting on him so obviously. =3


I really really adore this Nendoroid. She was one of the ones that I wanted when I started collecting Nendoroids and now that I have her, I couldn’t be happier. Zange doesn’t come with that many accessories but that’s fine with me. She is really cute and poses easily and considering that I got her for only 4000Yen, I’m happy with what I have. If you can find Zange at a decent price and your budget allows for it, why not? I wouldn’t recommend you to blow a hole in your wallet just to have her though..since good things come to those who wait. Maybe..?

I’m first in your queue Zange-chan~ >o<

thanks for reading! hope you had as much fun as I did reviewing this lovely lass. =)


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