Review: Nendoroid Amano Toko

Amano Toko, from Bungaku Shoujo is one of those Nendoroids which I got because she was really cute and a relative bargain. I grabbed Toko off Mandarake online for only 2000yen together with a few other stuff so let’s review!

Because I have Toko, I went ahead to watch the Bungaku Shoujo movie to get a better feel of the character. Beautiful animation and somewhat touching storyline…was still kinda underwhelmed though.. =3

If you haven’t noticed it yet, Toko comes in the larger Nendoroid box. That’s because she has a truckload of accessories. =3

Toko comes with the standard Nendoroid stand and also an additional clip. That will be used later to clip on to the chair.

Toko is really really cute. The translation from film to Nendoroid is really amazing considering how lanky the original looked. Toko has 2 nice braids (mark of a Literature Girl) culminating in teal ribbons. Although Toko is really blue, from her hair to her uniform, it looks very soothing and I seriously dig this colour scheme. Just out of the box, I’m overwhelmed by how placidly delightful she is. =O

You can see the shading on her hair more clearly from the side. The painting for the lines on her uniform and shoes are also very detailed and crisp.

The twin tails can also be rotated about while the ribbons can be removed. However if you choose to go without ribbon, there will be a strange gap in between. Point of note, the curved piece of hair which plugs in at the end is really loose for mine. It will just fall off whenever I’m posing Toko. So take care not to lose yours eh. =3

I read somewhere that if a girl looks up to you like how Toko is doing in the above picture, they are 3x cuter. After looking at Toko, I’m inclined to believe that. =3

Remember when I said Toko has a lot of accessories? Well here it is! I think the only other Nendoroid I have that can fight with Toko in accessory count would be HMO Miku. Anyways, Toko has the open can (left), arms, hands, 3 books, 2 face-plates, 2 bent legs with skirt, chair and extra fringe part. Whew~ Oh stickers too.

This serene expression for Toko is really aces. She looks so awesome from any angle.

Toko also has the happy expression and boy does she look delighted! I also put on the Kappa/Mermaid? hair fringe for some randomness.

Not forgetting the insane Jaws face-plate. I watched the film and OVA but they only hinted at Toko’s Yokai roots. So I have no idea where this expression is based on, maybe the novels? Or GSC’s creative license?

*cues Jaws theme* I want your boooookkkssss~

The face-plate was pretty crazy but GSC upped the ante by giving you another accessory to go with it. It’s an open can with some black shadowy stuff crawling out. The cover can spin around but that’s all the articulation you’re getting with this.

Pop Toko’s upper body out of her normal skirt and slide it into the can. Tadaa! Now you have a ready-made Yokai in a tin can. Put it in your kitchen closet to scare any unwitting person! Though I think they might be more amused than frightened. This is a really neat accessory on GSC’s part and pity they didn’t come with an extra body to display Toko both ways. =(

The chair clips on to the Nendoroid stand securely and easily. The chair can also stand by itself without stand support even with the Nendoroid on though, so the clip is more for extra stability if you want it.

Toko also has ZERO sitting problems on her chair. She sits on it solidly and fuss-free. It’s a tremendous step-up from my Nendoroid Konata. However since her bent legs has some grooves cut into the leg itself, you can’t display her with the normal skirt. Toko’s shoes are also provided when she is sitting on her chair. So cute~

*mom mom munch* Toko’s paper is actually a sticker provided. It’s really tiny and it will take patience for it to look somewhat decent. It’s really difficult to position the paper with your fingers and I would highly you use some tweezers. Still the end result is well worth the effort, look how delighted Toko is!

The box art is rather misleading with how natural the paper looks. Since the sticker is a thick plasticky sticker, it won’t really give the effect of strips of paper. Ah well, at least it looks decent.


Let’s start with the bad point. Toko’s twintails have really loose ends, be careful with it. The good points? Plenty! The insane amount of accessories, the playability of the Nendoroid, ease of posing, the really appealing aesthetics and super Moe~ factor of Toko! It’s a blockbuster release by GSC and despite Toko not being that popular a character, GSC really outdid themselves with this Nendoroid. I would recommend this Nendoroid highly, whether you’re starting into this hobby or a casual collector. This has quality and charm written all over it. Add to the fact that the prices for Toko is rather low to average, you got yourself a really good bargain. I got Toko on a whim and seriously, she has greatly exceeded my expectations. Zange is still my favourite Nendoroid, but Toko really fought till the end. =3

I wonder if my mom will get shocked if she opens the cupboard and see Toko staring at her? *grrrr*


3 thoughts on “Review: Nendoroid Amano Toko

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  2. Hahahaha, hillarious… On the last photo. I like her sitting pose on the chair. Damn, they even added her paper stick for her mouth. Well, overall she’s quite interesting.


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