Review: Nendoroid Riannon

Riannon is from the game/anime Tears to Tiara and she is a Gaelic priestess! I got Riannon because she looks really unique and at an affordable price of 2300+ Yen, I just couldn’t resist. =3

Standard skirt stand for Riannon as well. =)

As Riannon is a tribal priestess, you can see she really has a unique costume. A fantastic departure from the norm of school uniforms galore! Anyways Riannon has lots of different lines on her dress with no spillage for mine. Details such as the golden buttons near her collar, her shoes and the red sash adds plenty of interest to an already wonderful costume. Riannon also has her ponytail tied to one side, being asymmetrical. Aesthetically, Riannon is tremendously pleasing. I also think Riannon looks so happy with this face-plate. I think she is the happiest looking Nendoroid I have in my collection! =D

From the side you can see the golden trim on her waist area and also the interesting pattern of her braid tie.

A more detailed look at her uniform. Check out those tiny boots!

Riannon comes with her hat (which connects through a magnet!) 2 face-plates, her wand/stick, 2 bent arms, hands and the magic circle effect part.

As I mentioned above, Riannon’s hat connects through a magnet. There are several advantages to this. Firstly it’s really secure, secondly it doesn’t screw up the shape of her head and thirdly it’s fun! The hat’s two tails also have some pretty nice paint work at the end with the little golden hoops. =3

Riannon wishes you a Happy New Year! 恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai!). The Riannon goes to look at the sky~

Riannon’s other expression, the bamboozled face. I chuckle everytime I see this. It’s so cute and I wonder if any Nendoroids can use it as well as Riannon does?

Angry faces on Nendoroids are awesome and this is hands down, my favourite Riannon face-plate! Riannon comes with 2 holding hands so you can have the magic circle blasting from whichever side you prefer. Take that!

It takes some fiddling to make it stay since the stick is heavy with the effect part on. However this is a really cool pose and easily worth the effort.


I got this Nendoroid mainly because she was cheap and I like her look. I didn’t play the game nor watch the anime so I didn’t have any idea on what the character did or how it is in Nendoroid form. I still don’t. However this Nendoroid is really adorable and unique and I regret nothing about my impulse buy. Riannon has a refreshingly different costume, 3 appealing expressions and 1 effect part making it a complete package. I would definitey recommend this Nendoroid, you totally will have fun with Riannon!

Take that you nasty Green Goblin!


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