News: 1/8 Tomoe Mami Pics up with a peek at Sayaka Miki Nendoroid

Of all the Madoka girls, I was awaiting Mami’s figurine the most, since I liked her costume and character the most! Mikatan had done the part 1 yesterday but I held out doing a post on it since there will be a part 2 today!

The front and back of the figurine. With this pose it really seems that Mami will kinda topple forward since she is front heavy. However Mikatan said that GSC will be doing all they can to make sure Mami will be as stable as possible. =)

I really like the hair pin and the clear part makes it really stand out.

However I was blown away but how detailed her costume was. I saw it before but seeing it again just made me really happy. Look at those clasps and leather buckles around her corset. And of course with such a get-up Mami’s boobs are going to get pushed up. =3 It looks great but it sure will be uncomfortable to wear. =3

Mami’s face! The crayon sketching feel for the eyes have been re-created here as well and its a very serene, abeit sorrowful look?

Mami’s rifles also have some gorgeous detailing on it and looks really fantastic. She comes with 2 rifles but you can also display her with 1. As awesome as Mami looks wielding 2 guns, she takes up a heck load of space doing it. =3

Oohhh looking good there! Look at all the gold trim and buckles around her costume! And I spy a blue part at her tummy? Might it be a clear part? Sayaka will be getting a review tomorrow by Mikatan so stay tuned!


all information and pictures kindly linked from Mikatan’s blog!


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