News: Nendoroid Sayaka Miki previewed!

As Mikatan promised, Sayaka Miki’s pictures are up on Mikatan’s blog!

Sayaka has a nice flowing cape and the gold trim is gorgeous as I mentioned on Mami’s post. The details are rather astounding for its size and despite me not liking, even hating Sayaka, the Nendoroid looks real good. =)

The angry face looks nice and can go with so many battle scenes!

The grimacing expression is really unique and Sayaka also comes with 8 swords as well! The Figma has 8 and so does the Nendoroid! You can have a total of 16 swords if you get both!! =3

This picture makes me happy that I have pre-orders for all of them, including Mami. This also made me conveniently forget the gaping hole the girls burnt in my wallet.=(


pictures and info linked from Mikatan’s blog! Thanks Mikatan!!


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