AFA 11 12-13/11/11: Merchandise Display Highlights

Of course with an event of such scale, there definitely will have some goodies on display! This post will be highlighting the merchandise for AFA (Anime Fest Asia) For the event or the cosplayers, it’s at another post!

From GSC/Maxfactory, we have the Madoka girls, Sabers, and various Nendoroids!

It’s one thing to see them off websites but it’s a whole different feeling when you see them for real. Menma is especially cute~

There were also a variety of other stuff being sold if Nendoroids, Figmas are not your poison. =3

From Bandai I got a peek of the upcoming Gokai Yellow, Dragonball SHFs (forgot the pictures for that),S.H Monster Arts and the MG Full Armour Unicorn!

From Kotobukiya, the Christie and Mystique bishoujos~

That’s not all, check out the other photos over here for all the goodies!


2 thoughts on “AFA 11 12-13/11/11: Merchandise Display Highlights

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