AFA11 12-13/11/11: Cosplay

AFA being such a huge event, there were plenty of cosplayers all over the place and I spent a heck load of time trying to get as many shots as I can. The crowds were tremendous and although it was a challenge to snap away, it was fantastic fun as well. For AFA merchandise or event coverage, click on the links!

I have around 100+ pictures of cosplayers and I’m too lazy to list all of them out here. I will just show a few which I really liked and link the rest. =)

Look at WRS’s scythe!

check out Garo and Wild Tiger! Pretty neat eh! That’s me with Tiger by the way if you were wondering.

wonder how they transport all the weapons from home?

It’s impressive when you have huge-ass weapons. It’s even more impressive when you take the time to build up your physique to make your character believable. Man that is some dedication. Seriously hat’s off to them! So awesome!!

Of course group shots are always fun! We have ourselves some Soul Society’s captains/vice-captains there and some Warlords of the sea. Man this made me foam at the mouth when I saw the Shichibukai, it’s so damn awesome!

This year had plenty of really nice cosplays over a wide genre. Vocaloids are rather dominant but it’s also nice to see some Madoka cosplays as well. However don’t just stop here, there’s still a full gallery to enjoy! Go for it! You know you want to! Kudos to all the cosplayers, your participation and dedication has made this a really memorable event!! You guys were fantastic!!



2 thoughts on “AFA11 12-13/11/11: Cosplay

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